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Red Brick STL Red Brick Management Intrusive Requests St Louis Mo

Red Brick STL at 1917 Washington Ave , St Louis MO 63103 is requesting apartment applicants to submit six months of COMPLETE Bank statements, pay $150 admin fee, submit a 20 page application , pay an appl fee, claiming this is necessary for H.U.D. programs. The apartments are at a premium, there are NO discounts. 

  Does H.U.D. know this is going on? Red Brick STL employees say they're concerned that applicants are working, hiding fortunes, hiding assets. Again, the apartments are at a premium and market rates. 

Deborah A. Kosak Deborah Kozak Homeless person/craigslist roomate scammer Delaware County PA

Deborah A. Kosak contacted me in response to a Craigslist ad I posted seeking a roomate. She came to my home and demanded that her name be put on there rental lease prior to her moving in. I declined. I allowed Deborah to move her belongings in from storage as a courtesy. I gave her a key so I wouldn’t have to rush home to let her in.

After conducting a background check on Deborah, I was made aware of a criminal history including terroristic threats, criminal trespassing, aggravated assault and more. I confronted Deborah and she denied any wrongdoing, stating that she just had bad experiences with former roommates.

I asked her what her current address was and she gave me the address of a homeless shelter. My neighbors downstairs recognized Deborah coming and going and informed me she is a known homeless woman. Meanwhile, her belongings were in my home and I started to get insect bites all over my body.

She brought bed bugs in to my home, which costed about 3,000 for pest control to treat my home. I called Deborah and told her we cannot move forward, and that her belongings were outside. Unfortunately she still had my key and began moving more stuff in after I told her not to. She ate my food, used my shower and rearranged the entire house to her liking.

I had to change the locks. So I offered to have her things moved to a location of her choice and she declined. One morning Deborah showed up unannounced armed with a video camera. I happened to be outside and she began filming me and my property, sticking her camera right in my face. I called the police and she was asked to leave the neighborhood.

I had a bike lock around my gated fence and it was tampered with. After I thought things would calm down, she started threatening me with a lawsuit, claiming I was in violation of written and verbal agreements which was only emails and text messages as well as informal conversation.

She called the local police and began harassing them as well. But she didn’t stop there..she called my uncle and father at their places of work to harass them. This woman wanted her name on the lease and all her stuff inside so that she could squat and not pay rent.

She is a known homeless woman and a dangerous individual as well as a scam artist. Stay away from her…she will bring chaos into your life.

Walabot.com they charge you one price at check out then when it posts to your account its more then what your receipt says, they have coupons but they deduct on receipt but not from your credit card Yehud Central District

They charge you one price at check out then when it posts to your account its more then what your receipt says. They have coupons but they deduct on receipt but not from your credit card charge, then the Supposed stud and wire finder does not fine wires only studs.

Basicly your buying an overpriced stud finder. They state they will refund your money if your not happy, but they will not refund.

MDG MDG Financing MDG Purchase Benefit Club Subscription Oakville Ontario

Bunch of rip off artist's, I Didn't join their so called MDG Purchase Benefit Club Subscription, I never did, but they have a document not signed by me accepting it.

I cancelled and they keep charging me for it. I am now Rejecting any charges from them as Fraud!!!!!


Nice Cycle Nicecycle, nicecycle.com, Digital Logic Consulting SDN BHD, sold me a fairing and ultimately declined to ship it or refund me my 1800 dollars. Brighton MI

On 11/26/2019, I purchased a motorcycle fairing kit on NiceCycle.com.

On 12/5/2019, I was told in an email from Nice Cycle that I would receive the fairing "within 12 to 15 business days."

On 12/27/2019 when it was obvious that they had blown their deadline, I asked them to ship the fairing to me in Bolivia instead of my freight forwarder in the US since my shipping deadline would also be missed. This shouldn't have been a problem since their website says, "Shipping is always FREE on complete fairing set purchases, this applies to International orders as well, except shipping to Brazil or South Africa."

On 1/9/2020, I advised Nice Cycle that if they weren't able or willing to deliver the fairing by the end of January that I expect a full refund. They neglected to respond.

On 1/13/2020, I was told the fairing would be complete and ready to ship in one more day. (It wasn't shipped.)

On 1/23/2020, I asked them to please ship the item to my original address in the US since they claimed shipping to Bolivia was cost prohibitive for them. They didn't respond.

On 1/26/2020, I asked them once again to ship the fairing to me in the US. Again, they neglected to respond.

It's now been over two months since the time of purchase. It is my belief that they don't have the kit they sold me, so I've filed a dispute with PayPal. That's been open for a week now, and they haven't responded to that either.

Their phone number is never answered – any day of the week / any time of day. You get a recorded message when you call. You can leave a message, but nobody will ever call you back.

It's also worth noting that you can find the exact same fairings sold on nicecycle.com for 50% less on ebay being sold under the name "bliss-star."

Presently, Nice Cycle is trying to convince me to close my PayPal dispute (which would be stupid because once you do that you can never dispute that same transaction again so you lose your best recourse).

Nice Cycle on 1/30/2020: "We have been trying to reach you by phone and so far been unsuccessful. Regarding your query. The custom airbrush fairing kit has been boxed ready to ship for some weeks ( the only delay was trying find additional shipping options for you) . We can ship immediately however currently there is a Paypal dispute lodged. This would automatically credit you back the full $1800  in the following days. Therefore we need the paypal dispute resolved prior to shipping so we can release the product. Please advise."

My response: "That doesn't work for me. If I cancel the dispute, it cannot be reopened (if the fairing never shows up), and at this point in time, I have no confidence that the fairing exists / is ready to ship. If it was, you would have already shipped it to Sarasota when I asked you to five days ago and then again two days ago, right? That's only logical. I'd still like the fairing. If you want to ship it, I'll GLADLY cancel the dispute the second it arrives. And if you ship it and respond to PayPal that the item shipped, then no, they won't refund my money until they get a response from me. The ball's in your court as it has been for two months now. You've had my money for two months. I've got no fairing. Ship if you want to. That's up to you. I'm done begging."

Ultimately, several hours later, when I realized that this was just more of the same lies and excuses and delays I've been getting fed all along, I wrote them again canceling the order once and for all: "Never mind. You guys don't have a fairing to ship. Please refund my money (otherwise PayPal is going to do it for you anyway). You guys took an easy $2000 sale and worked overtime to make sure you lost it. Don't ship me any fairings or anything else. Please refund my money immediately."

Bottom line – their fairings look nice, but you can find them cheaper on ebay. And besides, they'll probably just take your money and never bother sending you anything anyway. They'll (supposedly) make it, but it in a box, and then try to call you on the phone?? I'll be the first to admit that I don't grasp their business model.

Lynda Lake – Horse Trainer/Trader Lynda Lake is Still at it – Trying to con people into buying lame horses Stockton California

Having responded to one of Lynda Lakes Equinenow.com ads, and heading from Nevada to Stockton to try one of 2 "solid ranch" geldings.  I setteled on a 15hh Roan Gelding with a large "R" Brand on his hip.

He rode well and seemed relativly sound.  I gave Lynda my $1000 check as a deposit to hold until Pre-Purchase exam. She offered to have his teeth floated …out of nowhere….and now I understand why.

I came home and googled her name and saw hundreds of complaints, and links to so many sites stateing she ripped hundreds of unsuspecting horse buyers off!!!

Lynda offered to trailer the horse to a vet in Stockton for the exam, as I live out of the area. The vet called to let me know she suspected some lameness in front left, as well as fluid in rear right stiffel.  I asked for front xrays. The xrays revieled a bone spur off the front left coffin bone, and a few other irregularities.

In addition, the vet thought the horse to be around 15-16 and NOT 12/13 as Lynda stated. I asked the vet to draw blood for a drug screen, but then realized, that it would come back with meds from the dental Lynda "offered" to do the day before…….????!!!! She set this up intentionally to cover up whatever meds she had this gelding on!!!

I put a stop payment on my check immediately…

Lynda called me once she got my text and started yelling and screaming at me that "SHE DOESNT DRUG HER HORSES, AND IS NOT DISHONEST!!!" Then she HUNG UP ON ME!!!!

Stay far far away from this person…she is a liar and a horrible person!!

Pacific Star Marine Tazeen Ahmed Abbas Mustafa Richard Anthony we booked flights and hotels which they use and never paid us Dubai UAE

We were contacted by Tazeen from Pacific Marine Star to book flights for personal at a discount with JetNsave. They asked for a 30 day payment plan which we declined but agreed to a 15 day payment plan which we signed with an official contract which stated all terms and conditions.

We asked them to send 100 USD as a trial by wire so we know all will come through. they sent us a wire confirmation but it never showed… After a few weeks they racked up a bill of over $31,000 USD.  They sent us $100 through western union which they said they woudl use for the whole payment but then came up with excuses why they couldnt do it. 

We halted their account until payment was made and offered that they can use credit cards, debit cards, TT transfers, pay pal and any other forms of payment. They sent us by mail a check from ABDC bank in the UAE which we deposited by Chase in our local branch. we were told that it needs to go to collections but we felt this was the only way we woudl get the money.

After 2 weeks we called the collections team and were notified that the check bounced and there was insufficient funds. We reached out and were told it doenst make sense. We sent all the documenation to prove it and then they played more games of saying they sent it now through a TT transfer. It's now been a few months and every so often they reach out with a new update as if they will be sending payment but nothing actually happens. 

If you are doing business or thinking of doing business with them stay away sicne you will get burned! 


Fingerhut Bluestem Brands, Inc. I got scammed by this compnay Saint Cloud Minnesota

I was conned by this company and now my credit is going to suffer for it. FTC nor BBB will do anything about it. I was told I could postdate a payment then they never processed nor posted any notes regarding the conversation and completely ignored the elements of my complaint with headquarters and BBB.

I was promised an investigation that never happened. They claimed in my BBB complaint that they listened to the conversation then turned around and said they have no records of the conversation and still BBB did nothing. I refuse to pay these con artists.

I should have known better because they scammed my parents and charged them for stuff they never ordered and double billed them for stuff they did. This company needs to be shut down IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

SFExpress – both these companies -Allway18 and Lonelylife Email contact for Lonelylife is [email protected] Smart Lawrence Robot Jamaica New York

I ordered the Smart Lawrence Robot in the beginning of Dec 2019 for my 4 yr old grandson. It took almost 2 months but a package arrived with the wrong robot. It was a Robot Warrior. Through many emails of trying to get the right one sent, they determined they had sent me the right one.

I told them I will be reporting them to the federal government. I just ordered something for my car from Allway18 and got an email today to track it. And guess what, it is SF Express again. So I am sure I will be ripped off again. 

Calling All Creatures Veterinary Hospital Stay far away from this horrible hospital!!!! Not compassionate! All about $$$ toms river new jersey

This hospital has got to be the worst in Ocean County. They are more interested in selling you additional vaccines and preventatives than actually treating your pet. From the moment you walk in the receptionist who has been there for years will bombard you with questions about vaccines, heart worm, flea and tick medications that are either unnecessary, not due yet, and just plain reckless since a pet is there due to illness which is the PRIORITY!

This is reckless and negligent. The doctors and technicians will rush you out the door since they want to leave earlier than 6pm which is their actual closing time. Comparing experiences with patients and other sources, patients have been given too many vaccines, pets being euthanized based on shoddy exams. It would be nice to know if your pet had a fighting chance!

Pets ending up at emergency facilities due to their negligence. Let’s not forget the rude doctor with the horrible bedside manner. Technicians not performing their due dilligence in making sure all concerns have been addressed and proper treatment and/or requests are performed for our furry friends. Followup is terrible.

This "no news is good news” motto they like to go by doesn't fly. Disgraceful. People need to know results of tests whether they are good or bad. Again, very unprofessional. If you prefer to use an outside source for your medication needs, due to financial constraints, forget it, they’ll never approve your request forcing you to pay them an insane amount of money for your beloved pet’s medications.

In short, stay FAR away from this place if you love your pet. Do your research. There are way better Veterinary hospitals in the area who actualIy care and have compassion. I did, and you’ll be happy YOU did!