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MC Nationwide Transportation mc nationwide transportation, mc nationwide transportation transportation Refusing to pay for 2 loads which were picked for them and unloaded for them. Florida Fort Lauderdale

Our company loaded with this brokerage for two loads  in august 14 and 16 and are refusing to pay my company. my company is called amlo carriers & logistics. we have called them numerous times but they refuse to pay and give us the run around a common practice with them.

They do this to many other companies. We signed to be paid by quick pay and wish they do not charge this fees.



Renewal by Anderson-William Deluliis Ripoff company Memphis Tennessee

Beware Renewal by Anderson at 2446 Schuetz Rd., Maryland Heights, Mo. 63043 and 4161 Senator St., Memphis, Tennessee 38118. This company has William Deluliis working for them. William owned Integrity Home Solutions in St. Peter’s, Mo. William walked out on the company with thousands and thousands of customers down payments and didn’t do the work.

He took 20 thousand from Joe and Jill Henderson for a new kitchen and did no work. There are many other customers he took money from and did nothing. William was charged with aggravated home repair fraud and had a felony warrant for his arrest with a 75 thousand dollar bond.

Nobody should trust any company that would let a scumbag like Deluliis work for them. From their BBB report Renewal by Anderson isn’t even licensed to do work in Memphis yet. Whatever you do, don’t use Renewal by Anderson.

Eric Lee Baldwin Eric Baldwin Bigweb.org They scammed me for $5k to build a website. I have the signed contract for $2500 and then he started to play games sending bills that were never approved of. Los Alamitos Ca

Early in July 2019 i started exploring  the idea of having my website updated and upgraded. I went on the site “bark” and listed my needs. 

I received a few calls and was doing my due diligence when I got and email or call from Eric Baldwin. 

After reading the earlier ripoff report dated December 2018 I sent an email and told him I could not work with him. For some unknown reason I let this developer talk me into hiring him. 

I paid the 1st payment of to Cash App (apparently this man does not have bank accounts or PayPal Venmo or $$ exchanging abilities. 

After a couple of weeks telling me how wonderful everything was working that he needed  another more $$ to add SEO and CRM ( I have copies of everything) and $$$ for migration of my old site. If not necessary (and it wasn't  it would go to future work.) more lies. 

My current site was going to be offline on Tues September 2 at midnight and Eric took complete advantage of me knowing without a site I was out of business. He threatened me if I did not pay him a holiday bonus he would not launch my site  $500!

Thank God I FINALLY caught on to his lies and contacted my new hosting company on Sunday September 1 and had all his privileges removed from all my accounts having to do with this project. 

I was able to talk to my former hosting com and begged them to keep my site online and that I was being used and defrauded by a conman. 

Turns out I found that the website was a clone of another site he worked on or someone worked on. And it was not even what I was looking for. I have been in business for 20 yrs with no web development experience but I built my first couple of websites with website builders. Cheap and they looked cheap but honestly they looked better and had better content than the site Eric was presenting to me. 

Be warned I would not advise You do business with this man. I promise to make all my notes available to anyone that needs them to make a case against him. I’m thinking we might be able to get a class action suit. 

At this time he is threatening to sue me and take my house away from me. 

Im 70 years old and his threats are starting to frighten me. I consider this elder abuse. 

Mercedes benz Delray Beach florida Autonation Finance – Illegal activity from finance. I didn’t want extended 3rd party warranty.  Delray beach Fl

Finance – Illegal activity from finance. I didn’t want extended 3rd party warranty. Russ made me sign two contracts in case I changed mind. After a few hours of research didn’t want and 14 days later it was in my loan without any authorization. It’s been a month and autonation still overcharged $5k stating in 6 weeks it will be rectified plus that I’m paying interest on.

Will unfortunately make a legal case since no one will address there. Car – sales nice and Bought car. However, despite autonation promise of "worry free” and "rigorous” inspection, that didn’t happen. After a few days the cars a/c never worked or vented sears. Was in service for a week. A/c addressed but vented sear worked for only a day.

After driving less than 100 miles and taking on highway noise tire sounds from rear. Brought in again. They said bent back rims. So where is the rigorous inspection?? Irked on the car I wanted to buy another one almost 2x price and after being in service majority of time for lack of inspection they offered $4k less than what I bought for. Basically used car scammers dressed in a tuxedo. Legal will follow out of principle, not winning. Beware.

Smile Direct Club SDC used a forged document to charge my credit card. A SDC rep implies that I gave permission when booking an appointment using their online system. Nashville TN

I scheduled appointment with Smile Direct Club (SDC) through their website. During the booking, the website require credit card information in case I were to not show.

I went to the appointment and had images of my teeth made. There, I was told I should receive a 3D custom plan for me to review in three days.

Six days later –

While still waiting to receive my 3D custom plan, SDC sent me a "Retail Installment Credit Sale Contract" with my name and initials forged.

From there, I reviewed at my credit card account and saw that SDC went ahead and charged my credit card $250. I contacted my credit card company, who then contacted SDC with me on the line.

The SDC rep on the line tried to make it look like that I signed the document when I met with another rep at a SDC location UNTIL I pointed out the signature's date, which was four days before my appointment with the rep at the SDC location.


I was then put on hold. Afterwards, SDC rep on the phone returned on the line and said that the charge will be refunded.

After the phone call, I still was concerned that someone forged my name and initials on a financial agreement, and pissed that the SDC's rep on the phone attempted to pass the blame onto me. So, I contacted BBB to file a complaint as to what happened.

Another SDC rep, let's call "Rudy" (i.e not this rep's actual name) responded to the BBB complaint with the following:

"Your signature on the Healthcare Finance Direct ("HFD") contract was not forged. On… [the day when the appointment was booked], you or someone on your behalf, placed order number… using SmileDirectClub's online application system. In so doing, you affirmatively consented to HFD terms by checking on the "I agree to SmileDirectClub's Informed Consent, Terms, and SmilePay Conditions." SDC's application software prohibits the user from proceeding and completing the application process without electronically consenting to the terms. The Informed Consent, the Terms, and the SmilePay Conditions were each available to you at the click of the hot link prior to clicking her agreement. Your failure to read the terms does not negate your signature nor your acceptance of the terms.

Your electronic authorization is governed by 15 U.S.C. 1701, et. Seq. ("E-Sign"). E-Sign authorizes transactions to be conducted by electronic means and allows signatures to be created, generated, sent, communicated, received, stored or otherwise processed or used by electronic means or in electronic form. As you likely know, under federal and state law, electronic signatures are granted legal effect.

While you signed up for your payment plan on… [the day of the appointment four days later], your agreement to the terms mention above was on… [the day when the appointment was booked].

I apologize for the discrepancy in the date, but your signature was not forged."

Me, responding on BBB online complaint form: "The signature is a forged. I did not sign the contract, nor did I give permission for someone to do so on my behalf. (Neither online – the HFD agreement was not shown when I signed up for an appointment to DISCUSS the product, nor in person on [the day when the appointment was booked] – please note that [the day when the appointment was booked] was a Sunday and that the… [SDC location I went to] was closed on that day).

As noted by the business' response, I met with a SDC rep on… [the day of the appointment] to discuss their service. My credit card information was provided in the event I was a no-show for… [the day of the appointment] per SDC website – NOT for a HFD contract.

There was no product/service for me to sign a HFD contract by [the day when I made the appointment]. Even as of this morning [6 days later after the appointment], when I found out about the HFD contract and the charge to my credit card account, SDC had yet to send me a 3D custom plan for me to even agree to a HFD contract."

Afterwards, I uploaded the HFD contract onto the BBB's online complaint response form, showing that my name and initials were not just printed but written out in way that I do not sign my name.

I also uploaded a copy of the web page where SDC asks for credit card information with the following statement: "Your appointment is FREE. However, due to demand, we do keep a credit card on file. If you miss your appointment and don't reschedule, you may be charged a $25 fee." There is no mention of a HFD contract.

No response from Rudy yet.

Needless to say, I am not going with SDC.

I do not recommend SDC.

I advise anyone who is dealing with SDC to check their email and mail, and review any document that SDC or their affiliates send you.

Amanda Becchio Amanda Halsey She would not leave a seasonal rental property on Dune rd in the Hamptons. Westhampton New York

Attention Landlords. Be careful of  Amanda Becchio. Do not give this 40 year old women a 30 day lease. Make sure it’s less then 30 days. She intitled & selfish and knows how to work the system. She’s a wanna be singer and she will be heading to jail one day. Mark my word. She thinks she smart but actually very stupid. She uses people and beware of her cell phone trying to trap you.  btw. She never had a real job. 

Synology 3535 Factoria Blvd SE, Suite #200, Bellevue, WA 98006, USA Sent me a Defective Unit and refuse to fix it or replace it. Bellevue WA

Synology sent me a refurbish unit that was Dead on arrival. They don't warranty their refurbish units so I have limited time to make sure its working. 

The tech support don't know anything. They are unwilling or unable to troubleshoot any issue or even attempt to fix the problem. They just kick the can down the road saying to make a ticket but it goes unanswered. 

No ability to talk or chat with anyone that knows anything about how to fix this. 

Total waste of time and money

Sign Warehouse They fraudulantly sold me software that was incompatible with my laser and then refused to provide the tech support that I had paid for. Denison Texas

Sign Warehouse has a big problem with their Tech Support team.  They can't or won't provide assistance to customers with legitimate hardware or software questions.  I was assured that LXi12 CNC software is compatible with my Mercury laser.  I bought both at Sign Warehouse.  Because they lost my email address, I did not receive an invoice or shipping notice from Sign Warehouse.

 I contacted them again after a week and I had to provide them with proof of my online purchase.  After I received the CNC software, I quickly installed it on an appropriate VISTA computer along with the required laser driver.  I couldn't get it to work and I contacted Tech Support at Sign Warehouse.  I explained my situation in detail and I asked them for answers to my questions and suggestions.  

They responded with an assurance that it worked and no answer or suggestions.  I ended up sending three more emails to Tech Support.  They answered my second email with another assurance and they ignored my last two emails altogether.  Even though I paid for this assistance, the assistance I received from Sign Warehouse is anything but meaningful.  

It seems they only have one Tech Support employee on their payroll and he's a salesman, not a technician.  Until I find out the solution to this compatibility problem, my laser and software are effectively useless.  You can find proof of this compatibility problem on YouTube if you search for 'Sign Warehouse Mercury Laser'.

Above all mechanical Above All Mechanical Burleigh Heads Lucas (Owner) lied through his teeth to get my wifes money but got caught! Burleigh Heads Queensland

I am a FIFO worker in the mines as a diesel mechanic and am away 1 month at a time, while i was away my wife called and said she needed her car service (2014 mitsubishi asx) so i told her just to get it done, she found these so called mechanics on auto guru and there price was good so she booked in there, upon arriving she said the lady behind the counter was quite rude towards her and made her feel uncomfortable, but she left the car with them anyways and off she went.

A couple of hours later she got a phone call from Lucas explaining she need multiple things replaced urgently, (front brakes, air filter and a drive belt) $789 was the bill for that plus $135 for the service. Being the trusting type she is she went ahead with the repairs. That afternoon she picked up the car and was greeted by lucas which he non stop talked about how dangerous the car was and didnt let her get in a word, she went in and payed the bill and headed home.

3 days later i came home as i was feeling ill and took sick leave for the rest of my swing, i seen the invoice on the bench and couldnt believe my eyes! i replaced the air filter myself last service i went out popped the bonnent and had a look… sure enough the same air filter i put in was still in there and was charged $50 for nothing, the brakes had plenty left when i serviced it 10,000km ago so i went and checked them, they replaced them with cheap chinese Trustop pads but charged us for bendix, and charged us for brake discs and did not even replace them.

The drive belt was also replaced but i cant really say i remember the condition of it last service but judging by the record it most likely didnt need replacing either.

I jumped straight in the car and drove straight down to them and confronted him about it he had every excuse under the sun of why all of this had happend, clearly all just lies! when i mentioned i was a diesel fitter he backed straight down and offered our money back.. he was caught! we did get our money back but imagine all the victims he has conned that were none the wiser.