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ConsumerAffairs.com Gone downhill, soft censorship

Some of my reviews are not published because they are "waiting for more reviews" of the company. On its face the reason makes no sense.  These are large companies that have been around for a long time anyway. 

Some of my reviews are not published because they "did not meet our guidelines" which is unlikely.  No specifics are given.

The current system is confusing.  It seems to say a review was rejected and was published simultaneously.  I can no longer find links on my "dashboard"  to see my reviews online.  I looked for a recent published review under the company name but I could not find it.  Maybe it's too new . . . or maybe it's too true.

If they do publish your review, the system denotes is as "waiting for a reply from the company" which is confusing.  It looks like your review was held back from being published, but it wasn't.  The companies never reply either.  

Consumer Affairs used to be good.  I think it was run by a consumer attorney.  It has changed.  I think they make money from the businesses they review.  A compromising influence can be inferred.  

Over the years, I've seen multiple consumer websites taken over by this force or disappeared.  Complaints.com was great but now the domain name sits on someone's blog site on unrelated subjects.  My3cents [name?] went down like Consumer Affairs has.  The BBB has its critics, but they used to have some very useful info on businesses that is gone now.  They no longer seem to have an office in my state, which is weird.  Their online complaint process is very clunky and prehistoric.  Yelp seems to have more fake reviews than before.  It's sad to see a resource you found useful turn into something else.  It's stranger still that these takeovers happen without a sound.

I did think that more of the reviews on Consumer Affairs were real than on some other sites.  One exception were the reviews of .  .  .  .RipOffReport.  They were quite negative, and were odd.

Consumer Affairs is no longer trustworthy.  It's over.




Ebay ID: amdemo5 a.k.a. Amy DeMonte This buyer damages the ordered on Ebay items she doesn’t like, then returns the broken items for a refund at the seller’s expense, Lewiston NY

This buyer first attempts to get a full refund without returning the purchased on Ebay item. If it does not work, then she damages the item and returns the broken item for a refund at the seller's expense.

The returned item that we sold to her showed the signs of being broken by a hammer. She tried to get a full refund for that item without returning it, when it failed, she destroyed the merchandize and falsely claimed that the USPS delivered it broken.

MIDAS STORE #724, Central Ave Albany NY. We had all four brakes changed, brake pads, all the rotors (which were bent) two years back. Couple of weeks back the car started pulsating so I took it to the same shop where an obnoxious and arrogant person named Todd gave me an estimate which included change of rotors amongst other stuff. 

MIDAS STORE #724, Central Ave Albany NY. We had all four brakes changed, brake pads, all the rotors (which were bent) two years back. Couple of weeks back the car started pulsating so I took it to the same shop where an obnoxious and arrogant person named Todd gave me an estimate which included change of rotors amongst other stuff.

When I protested about the brakes breaking down in two years, and I told him it was my wife’s car, he said maybe I should cut her big toe off. IF IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A JOKE IT WAS DISGUSTING, lNSULTING AND IN VERY POOR TASTE. MAYBE EVEN RACIST SINCE I AM NOT WHITE AS PER THE DEFINITION IN THIS COUNTRY.

By the way they had already started working on the car even before the estimate was presented to me. There was also a charge for three year wheel alignment without my permission. I was cheated and insulted by the entire episode. I need to get compensated and a written apology from the manager. … your description … Albany New York

Balm Beach Cottage Rental Randy Seychuck, Carol Seychuck, Balm Beach Cottage Rental Dirty rundown cottage, dilapidated trailer on site, unkept property, broken, bad wiring, faulty sewer, kept deposit Perkinsfield ON

Beyond a doubt the worst rental experience in my life!  Period. Had I read the other reports I would have had caution. Leasons learned: Never do business with rough people and that attitude thing.  

I am posting this, to prevent well meaning honest people from getting involved.  Save you money and fustration, stay home and throw a party for your good friends. 

Dirty rundown cottage, dilapidated trailer on site, unkept property, broken, bad wiring, faulty sewer, unsafe, kept deposit, questionable stories from on site rude owners.

Ambot Tuning Dre Ambot, Ambot Tuning, Anthony Ambot, Tony Ambot, Ambot Supra A90 Beware: Refuses to complete work after payment Orlando Florida

I contacted Mr.Ambot after being referred to him by several Subaru WRX owners that had good experieinces with him completing E-Tunes. I was having knock sensitivity and needed some help, Ambot sent me a base-map for an E30 tune under the guise that we would be tuning it specifically to my car.

I paid him the $300 he asked for and then he became unresponsive. The car started having issues and I returned it to stock informing him that his tune wasn't working because he never actually made the effort to finish the tune. He said he was sorry and would issue a refund. 

Now it has been 3 months, and I contact him weekly about the refund but he will not issue it. 

He just laughs at me for being stupid enough to send him money, and mocks me openly on social media. I would avoid getting tuned by this guy no matter the platform you run (BMW, Supra, WRX, STI, EVO, etc.)

Don't make the mistake I did. Beware. 

Capsure Corporation CapCo Greg Billinger gregg billi ii Gregory Billinger ii Non payment for filming kids bb gamest Lilburn Georgia

I responded to an ad for CapCo looking for people to film kids bb games @ $25 per game. Spoke to owner Greg Billinger who had booked 8 games over the weekend to film. Followed directions provided, filmed the games by his standards, uploaded the games i filmed, and never heard from him again.

I even saw the games uploaded on his youtube channel. Screw this guy. Hope his business sinks. This guy posts ads for filmographers then uses their film and doesnt pay them. If youre reading this dont get scammed like i did. I cant get my money or my time back but you can by staying away. Thanks and i hope this helps others. 


Adonis Kish filed the civil action against Antiaging and Ershadi on March 12, 2015 in the Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles alleging breach of an Exclusivity Agreement, in addition to Fraud and Misrepresentation for absconding with $400,000.00 (USD) of Adonis Kish Company’s money. 

On April 15, 2016, Antiaging and Ershadi filed a Cross-Complaint against Adonis Kish claiming trademark infringement and breaching the same Agreement.  Antiaging and its majority shareholder, President and Chief Executive Officer (Ershadi) made demonstrable, fraudulent misrepresentations to Adonis Kish and manufactured claims of trademark ownership and infringement in order to materially breach the Exclusivity Agreement that gave Adonis Kish a five (5) year exclusive representation for importing Antiaging products into Iran. 

On August 17, 2017, the Court ruled against Antiaging Institute of California and found that they could not and cannot establish ownership of any trademarks and that they have no protectible rights in the United States.  At that time, the Court rejected the claims put forth by Antiaging and Ershadi and found no legal basis for those claims and, therefore, rejected those claims. 

On February 20, 2019, the Court again ruled against Antiaging Institute of California on a Motion for Summary Judgment as to Adonis Kish' claims.  In ruling in favor of Adonis Kish and against Antiaging Institute of California for the lawsuit, the Court awarded Adonis Kish the full $400,000.00 plus attorneys fees and costs finding that Antiaging Institute of California wrongfully kept Adonis Kish’s money and refused to return it.

As of the date of this letter, neither Antiaging nor Ershadi have returned Adonis Kish’ money.

FedEx A box I sent with valuable items was stolen due to Fedex’s repeated inability to get things right

I was always impressed by Fedex’s success record and efficiency in  delivering packages where they needed to go and on schedule. Clearly, it was a well-oiled precision machine. I have now seen a different side of Fedex—what happens when you throw in a monkey wrench.  Quite simply, it can’t handle it.

The service collapses and everything done by each and every player along the way is wrong. I also experienced a serious lack of integrity among the supervisory personnel when the matter was escalated. In summary, when Fedex is asked to do something outside its normal activity it turns into one of the worst-performing companies in the world.

My nightmare—for so it became–with Fedex  lasted from the morning of August 29th to the afternoon of August 30th. By the time it finished playing out, not only was the result failure, but I felt like I had been put through what amounted to torture. Everything which every Fedex representative did was wrong, and  I encountered universal  ineptitude. Please bear with me, because you cannot grasp the depth of the ordeal without  a description of all the individually little things they put me through—in the process of failing to do what I was requesting.

Here is the story. A package I sent to Virginia was due to be delivered in the early afternoon of August 29th.  Without getting into details, it contained something that I valued highly. That same morning, however, I learned that the recipient had just left for a month’s travel (of course, she should have told me, but that is another story). Upon my calling, a Fedex representative  informed me that the driver, working out of the Manassas, Virginia, station,  had the box, but  said he’s send a message to him to not deliver it, and it would probably reach him in time. I was pleased.

When I called back at 2:00, a woman told me the box had been delivered at 12:30. But a message had been sent to him, I said! This message, the woman answered,  had been sent via an indirect route that could take up to 24 hours to reach the driver. I complained loudly—there would be no one at that house for a month!– and she was condescending.  She offered me no good options. I called again at 4:00 and reached yet a third person.

This person told me he would call the driver directly and ask him to go back to the house and pick up the package.  This was interesting, because it was the first indication that a) the representative could reach the driver directly, which I’d been told was absolutely not possible and b) that the driver could be sent back the same day to retrieve it. So everything agents #1 and #2 thought they knew was wrong. And of course, speed was crucial to avoid the package being stolen. I even offered to pay extra for having the driver go back out that afternoon.

At 6:00 I called back. As the package had not been picked up, I escalated the issue to the supervisory level, to a woman named Donna.  She was so nice and so sympathetic. Everything the Fedex representatives had done was indeed wrong and she was so sorry!  She would get on the phone at that moment and find the driver and tell him to drive out to the house to get the package back. This should take her about half an hour.

She would call me back, and if I wanted to reach her all I had to do was call the main number and ask for Donna in the Customer Advocate team. And then she disappeared. She never called me back and she never answered my messages. In the multiple calls I made that night  I learned  that no driver ever went back that evening.

There was no alternative to creating a new order for the package to be picked up the next day, presuming it had not already been stolen.  As the driver was going to be dispatched out of the Manassas, Virginia, Fedex station, I called there at 8:00 on the next day, September 30. I gave Zack, the supervisor, all the background, and stressed the importance of the driver going there as early as possible.   

Zack was so sympathetic! He was disturbed about what had happened, and promised to send out the driver to pick up the package early.  He was going to call me back as soon as he had something. Well,  as was the case with Donna, Zack never called me back. I tried calling him but I never managed to find him again.  I talked to another manager named who said the record was indicating that the driver had gone out at some point, but it was not clear if he’d gotten a package or not. The record eventually showed that the carried had arrived only after 12:30. So much for my pleading that he go early and Zack’s assurances.

When I called Manassas in the early afternoon, Fedex had yet one bit of torture for me. Using the tracking number I provided her, a young person  informed me of what had happened, reading from  the data base. In a tone of authority, she said the carrier would have to return because the package had not been ready for delivery. “You mean the package was not there? That means it was stolen, “ I said. Absurdly, I had to satisfy her so that she’d transfer me to a supervisor.   I had to waste time and energy going through the story and explaining   that the carrier knew full well that the package’s absence meant it had been stolen. Why in God’s name were they saying the package was not ready for pickup????

Eventually I understood. Fedex’s procedure is so rigid that the driver has to check off an explanation from a specific written list. “Stolen” is not included, so he checked off “not ready.”  Interestingly, this designation triggers that  he is going to return twice more to see if the package is “ready” because that is what the protocol calls for, although he, I and everyone else involved understand that Fedex’s delay allowed the package to be stolen before the driver’s first trip.

That is where the situation stands now– Fedex’s repeated ineptitude allowed my package, which contained things that were important to me, to be stolen. This is profoundly sad for me. Furthermore, the company turned the process itself into a painful  personal ordeal; as long as this description has been, I’ve provided only the highlights of something that became sheer torture. Between the 29th and the 30th I  talked to a good dozen representatives  over many phone calls that easily consumed  six or seven hours of that 24-hour period.  And I still face more difficulty ahead– the task of being reimbursed for its full value, which is sure to be protracted, deeply frustrating and probably unsuccessful.

What I have found in Fedex is a huge  systemic failure when responding to anything that deviates from normal procedure. Repeatedly Fedex representatives worked on the basis of an understanding of specific rules that turned out to be incorrect in crucial ways.  The first representative could have contacted the driver in time to stop the delivery; the second representative could have offered to send the driver back that very afternoon. 

The contents of the box could have been saved from falling in the hands of thieves.  Furthermore, the company is so rule-bound that, knowing the package was stolen, it puts down its absence to its “not being ready,” and then proceeds to  carry out the protocol which this triggers.  Dealing with the individual representatives is aggravating and time-consuming, because each person demands from you a complete explanation of the whole sequence of events.

I remember with special vividness when I was already exhausted trying, as I described above, to convince a representative that the package’s absence was due to theft and not to the “package not being ready,” as the database said (and if the system says so, it must be true, right?).

I am even more pained, however, by the shabby personal behavior.  Supervisors Donna and Zack both talked such a good game.  Both commiserated with me so sympathetically  and both vowed to solve the problem.  Donna was going to send the carrier right back out to get the package on the 29th and call me back, and Zack was going to send the carrier out early  on the 30th and call me back. Neither did what they promised and both avoided having further contact with  me.  It is not just unprofessional, but there was a total lack of personal integrity. Is this what Fedex teaches them—to promise the customer whatever he wants, because in the end that customer is unable to find that supervisor again?

This experience, in conclusion, has given me a peek behind the curtain. The well-oiled, precision machine is only one side of Fedex. I have glimpsed mediocrity, lack of proper training, poor judgment, and shabby personal behavior. I would say that Fedex has a lot to fix, but I have no reason to think it cares.


Khurham Shahzad, Doctor Diamonds DMCC KS Diamonds, BA3 Capital Khurham Shahzad – Liar, Fraudster, Diamond thief, Conman, Sick individual. Dubai Dubai

This report is specifically about Khurham Shahzad as an individual and his company Doctor Diamonds. He operates out of Birmingham and has so called offices in Antwerp and Dubai. This sick individual told me he could supply diamonds from Africa at really low prices and even showed pictures of himself in Africa at diamond mines.

He has an office in Antwerp which is rarely open to the public, only when he wants to open it to talk his customers into handing over cash. He has conned me out of thousands and i have since found that im not the only one, many others have been talked into handing over cash for high monthly returns. He takes your money and then never pays back or makes excuses that he has no money, yet he walks around with a Rolex watch and designer clothing.

Anyone who comes across this sick minded individual should stay away from him and his bull sh*t stories about diamond investments and ROI's as they are all fake. You have been warned.