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Golden Age Care LLC Cited by city health inspectors for numerous violations Philadelphia PA

In 2019, Golden Age Care LLC was cited by health inspectors for numerous health code violations. I have seen rats, mice, cockroaches, many other insects, and even a snake on the building and grounds. And there always seems to be a mountain of trash around. 

The building is a converted house that in my opinion should be condemned. It is obviously falling apart and downright hazardous. It is old, filthy, and poorly maintained. 

Other negatives include the constant loud noises coming from the busy highway a few feet away, nearby factories, and elsewhere; terrible smells; annoying vibrations from heavy traffic and other sources; an arrogant, nasty staff; a driveway so dangerous to leave and enter that it has its own traffic light; and the like. 

I believe that the postive reviews posted all over the Web were written by the owner. Notice that they heap the identical phony praise and have similar gramatical errors, which suggests that they were written by the same person.

These predators prey on naive, gullible senior citizens and their families by using the aforementioned fake reviews and other tactics to lure them into this dreary, dirty dump. 

If you have genuine concern for senior citizens, never send them to this trash infested prison that masqerades as an adult daycare center. 


Ovide Nelson Jr Broward Miami Palm Beach Computer Scammer and fraud on Craigslist Offerup letgo 954-526-4174, 754-757-2618 offerup.com/p/62071789 dont let this guy scam and fraud you immigration & Customs Enforcement (305) 597-2887 Ovide Nelson Jr Hack and stolen important information.  miami palm beach Hollywood Florida

Sell Stolen Computer Software on offerup and craigslist Broward

Ovide Nelson Jr Broward Miami Palm Beach Computer Scammer and fraud on Craigslist Offerup letgo 954-526-4174 754-757-2618

 https://offerup.com/p/62071789/ dont let this guy scam and fraud you immigration &

Customs Enforcement (305) 597-2887 … your description … https://offerup.com/p/62071789/

Boutique Cannabis Never sent order and not responding to email or phone. Vancouver BRITISH COLUMBIA

Ordered medical product and never received.  Sent money via e-transfer.  Not responding to emails or phone.

Replacement Lens Express LLC Sent money for frames had to contact them to find out of stock haven’t refunded my 110.00 dollars Manchester Connecticut

I paid them electronically 110 dollars.  No response or confirmation number so contacted them to be told the frames i ordered were out of stock.  They said they would request a refund.

After some time contacted again and was told they would remind the refund dept.  Told them if I didnt receive the money promptly I would report them to the necessary agency or to the Federal Trade Commission for fraud.

Benjamin & Benjamin, Inc. Scammed me out of $10K for their business opportunity scam El Segundo CA

I discovered this company Benjamin and Benjamin (benjamin-benjamin.com) through the job search ads on Craigslist.org back in April 2019. Their advertisement was highly appealing, claiming to train you to make an average of $25K to $75K per month.  Naturally, I was intrigued and so proceeded to visit their site and links that offered these lengthy webinars on how to make tons of money by helping businesses obtain funding and offering credit repair if needed to acquire the business funding. 

I proceeded to have an interview with the director of the company, Dante Reeves. In his webinar training, he mentioned that there is an upfront investment of $10K to join his 2-week course on business funding and credit repair.  He really sold me on the fact that if I implemented everything he taught in his training that I would not only get a quick return on my investment but that he guaranteed that I would make on average anywhere from $20K to $40K monthly (and that for him was being modest). 

Since my husband was the one primarily providing me with the funds for his training, Dante really did a good job working him as well to convince him to part with his money and for both of us to get involved in the training.  He kept throwing these big figure amounts, even having a clause saying that if I earned $300K in 6 months that I would agree to give B&B a commission of $25K (it's written in the contract).

These exuberant statements, along with his closing arguments, were enough to convince my husband and I to put faith in his program. I started the online webinar training ‪on April 23rd‬ of 2019. The training went along smoothly enough, but then when we got to the part of credit repair (which he waited to teach until just past the 3-day refund window), he started teaching a very odd method on the subject that immediately raised red flags with me.  

Given that I was inexperienced and naive, I went along with it and did not question him, yet I learned later that it is in fact unethical- he taught us to have clients change their residential address on their driver's license in order to fool the credit bureau processors so they cannot easily verify items in their credit report.   I found out later that this is a highly questionable tactic that could get my clients and I in big trouble and my new company shut down.

He instructed us to go to the sublet section of Craigslist and contact the ads owners to ask if we could pay $50 bucks to 'borrow' use of their address for a month. He also mentioned that some students just used any sublet address without asking, and we could, but he thought it was nicer to get permission. Another idea he recommended was renting a p.o. box from UPS and using that. A couple of other techniques he taught us in his training were called 'card stacking' and  'loan stacking', yet it turns out many lenders now have anti-loan stacking clauses in place, including one of the lenders he recommends we go through (this is also taught after the 3-day refund window). 

I went along with the course nevertheless as I had already invested the money and time in his training. Upon completion of his training, I immediately set up a business bank account in anticipation to quickly monetize on my newfound skills.  I was ready to implement all the techniques as they were taught to me in his training.  I generated leads easily enough and was able to have them agree to accept my services in credit repair with the goal for them to obtain their desired funding.  

With each of my clients, when I got to the point of asking them to go to the DMV to have their address changed and get a new license, they naturally questioned this and were not comfortable in proceeding.  I really couldn't blame them as I myself felt this to be sketchy, and that is not to say that I did not try to sell them on the idea because I surely did my darndest to make even myself believe that this was a legitimate process in helping them repair their credit.

Needless to say, every time I struck out on deals, nearly all were due to the dilemma of changing the address.  It turns out the practice of changing an address to elude and deceit the credit bureaus in verifying delinquent accounts and inquiries in a credit report just doesn’t sit well with many people apparently. Someone in class brought up the fact that a couple of clients refused to do it, and he advised them that they need to 'take control of the situation and dictate to the client what they need to do, don't let the clients dictate.’

After a few months of trying to work the system he taught, I finally decided to email Dante and plead my case in an amicable manner.  I stated that I was in a dire predicament financially, and was unfortunately unable to generate the income he promised would be a 'cakewalk' to make after taking his training.  I was hoping for at least an offer of a partial refund, but instead what he offered was for me to join another of his webinars to get me back on track. 

He claimed that he supposedly does not have the authority to provide a refund at this stage, although he indeed does as he now is part owner of the company B&B along with the other owner Michael Wolfe. Since I now know that some of his credit repair and funding methods are not ethical, I did not even deem him with a response, and of course, did not attend his webinar. I’d also like to add that they are not officially licensed to conduct business in the state that I am located in, which after consulting with an attorney I found that is illegal.

This is another aspect of this business to be weary of. I will not be satisfied until I get a complete refund for his questionable training course.  Even if I do not, I feel it's important to let the public know of this man and his company's peculiar teachings so they will not fall victim to him and lose their hard-earned money like I did.  Be safe out there!

Chesapeake Mortgage Insurance Company Changed premium from monthly $92. to 505 beginning in September 2019. I declined rate increase and cancelled.

I was advised by email the the company was raising the monthly premium from $92.00 a month to$505 starting Sept 2019. I was given choice to accept or cancel. I cancelled and declined futher payments. However they debited my account for $505 on September 5, 2019.

I have filled complaint with bank against them demanding refund since account with them is closed. I am also intending to file with BBB after bank gives formal notification to company and returns my money to my account.

Bridle Hill Farm, Jeffersonville NY Scammers Jeffersonville New York

Please stay away from this place.
The owner is very pushy, she convinced me to buy a package of 10 lessons for my 5 year old son. When I came home I gave it a second thought and decided to cancel.

I contacted these folks and ask for a refund. They blatantly lied saying that their policy did not allow for refunds and that I was informed about it at the time of purchase.
Professional scammers.

Jimmy Johns Does not pay their bills! Naperville Illinois

We were hired by Justin the manager of Jimmy Johns to troubleshoot an oven that lost electricity. We arrived in our agreed service window and started the work. We were on site working when we were asked to leave because they scheduled someone else, for no reason! We billed our agreed service call fee for showing up and doing our part.

The manager Justin said he cancelled service but we had already showed up and were working by then. Justin the manager for Jimmy Johns asked us not to call him about the work we did anymore and he "forwarded the invoice” but would not give us the contact information of who is supposed to pay for services rendered. This company Jimmy Johns is not ethical and is taking advantage of local small business! Dave Electrical Contractor

harvest business contacts total ripoff salt lake city utah

This is a fake company purporting to sell email lists.  they dont answer phones or emails unless they are trying to get a payment.  the lists delivered are weeks late and completely worthless with 90% bounce rate (old or completely made up emails).  stay far away from them

Myonlinefitnesscenter.com Heart-Strong Fitness Tracker DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR “FREE FITNESS TRACKER” SCAM

Received an email from an online health site I did do business with promoting this Heart Strong fitness tracker for free (minus S&H).  It is merely a lure to get you to sign up for a free trial in thier Advanced Training program in the fine print, whereas after the 14 days you get auto-billed for $67 a month!  My Discover card thankfully caught in 3 months in as potential fraud thank goodness as I hadn't gone through a few months of statements. 

At no point do you get any form of login credentials or welcome emails telling you all the great resources available on this myonlinefitnesscenter.com site, and when I went into login for yucks, I put the email in that I used to order the tracker and said "forgot password" it said my email didn't exist. 

I suspect there probably isn't any content even populated on the site if you could get in. I was almost going to ask customer support to help me login just to check but I was one day away from another auto-bill so just cancelled.  Would only refund me for 2 of the 4 months I already paid for this scam "service".  I did receive the fitness tracker so that is the only thing I can say positive.