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The Society West Valley Utah possibly Invitation to a SECRET SOCIETY (No Loss, Just a Warning) West Valley Utah

My letter (a single-spaced, 12-pager) from “The Society” (formerly The League?) arrived here at my home in Kentucky on Wednesday, September 4, 2019.  The envelope was postmarked 08/30/2019 from Zip Code 75238. (A search on Zip Code 75238 is a Northeast Suburb of Dallas, TX inside the outer belt freeway.  Interestingly, the main 12- page, front and back, very suspicious, letter was from “Tom” and  was dated August 31, 2019, which is the day after the envelope got postmarked. 

The self-addressed (un)stamped envelope inside was addressed to “Invitation Processing;  3490 South 4400 West #70629; West Valley City, UT 84170-0629.”  The address marks two (2) locations.  One is located in Southern Idaho just across the border with Utah, and due North of Salt Lake City.  The second is just South of Salt Lake City (84170 zip code is related to the second point mapped). 

Searching the web for that PO Box took me directly to a “RipOff Report” some of which apparently got posted in 2013 & 2017. Just do a "Society""Utah" or "West Valley" search.  It reveals that others  have received a very similar letter, some 12 pages, others not so much.  All letters seem to be from "Tom" whose last name was not divulged.  The Ripoff report labels the PO Box as a “cult.”   So I guess I'm now kicked out of "The Society".  Oh, Darn!!

Retired Military living in Kentucky


Adam Hicks Owner CEO Cooper Development The owner Adam Hicks is a sociopath pervert and creep who abuses women. He gets off on degrading and humiliating women. Ladies stay away for your own safety. New York New York

The owner Adam Hicks is a sociopath pervert and creep who abuses women. He gets off on degrading and humiliating women. Ladies stay away for your own safety. Vendors think twice before doing business with this disturbed individual. Me Too.

Adam Hicks Owner Ceo Cooper Development Adam Hicks, Soho Psychopath, has a ten million dollars law suit, he sexually harassed and imprisoned his female employee. NY NY

Adam John Hicks, 44, Resident at 93 Crosby Apt 3 and 424 West Broadway Apt 3, sexually harassed and abused his female employee, after she left and reported him to the City, he filed false police report and now is facing 10 million dollars lawsuit and is under multiple investigations, tax fraud, illegal employees in construction, illegal hotel in Soho and meddling with evidence, framing, criminal investigation. Deceiving, sick individual. Report if you went through ANY TYPE of abuse or deception to prosecutor Daria Andrushchenko at (212)3359000



The Be Free System The be Free System marketing Christian King is a Robo Scammer He uses a lead service with a fake Program and takes thousands from people. Arizona, Houston, Miami, Mesa Arizona, Houston, Miami,

Name: Leaving name and info out to protect family and me. Are you reporting on behalf of a business? Yes Business Name: https://thebefreesystem.net/#/ Is the incident currently impacting business operations? Yes ***** Christian King has a program where he gets emails out and promises you money coming bask with his team doing all the work by calling people for sales.

He has no team he takes the money tells you where to go and has you set up a domain name and 800link number etc. He has taken $4,447.00 $4,000 Certified check, $447.00 by credit card going to The Be Free marketing site. He adds some leads to your back page about 25 when promised & paid for 50,000 leads for his team to work. (No Team) He has changed numbers from Houston Tx. to Miami, Fla. Check sent: 20707 Sundance Springs Lane Sring, Tx. 77379 I have pictures of receipt and check .

He is a Great Con Artist! This is where he tells everyone to go to and He buys leads from them to keep this Scam Going! The Be Free System 3514 N. Power Rd., Mesa, AZ 85215 USA Phone (Toll Free): 888-455-3237 Email : [email protected] Address (continued): Suite/Apt./Mail Stop: City: County: United States of America State: Zip Code/Route: Phone Number: XXX Email Address: XXX Business IT POC, if applicable: Other Business POC, if applicable: Financial Transaction(s) Transaction Type: Check/Cashier's Check If other, please specify: Transaction Amount: $4000.00 Sent $447.00 Via Credit card to Be Free System $4,447.00 Total.

Transaction Date: 08/01/2019

Was the money sent? Yes Victim Bank Name: Commercial bank & Trust Victim Bank Address: Victim Bank Address (continued): Victim Bank Suite/Mail Stop: Victim Bank City: Victim Bank Country: United States of America Victim Bank State Tennessee Victim Bank Zip Code/Route: Victim Name on Account: Victim Account Number: Recipient Bank Name: Recipient Bank Address: Recipient Bank Address (continued): Recipient Bank Suite/Mail Stop: Recipient Bank City: Recipient Bank Country: [None] Recipient Bank State [None] Recipient Bank Zip Code/Route: Recipient Name on Account: Recipient Bank Routing Number: Recipient Account Number: Recipient Bank SWIFT Code: Description of Incident Provide a description of the incident and how you were victimized.

Provide information not captured elsewhere in this complaint form. Christian King has a program where he gets emails out and promises you money coming bask with his team doing all the work by calling people for sales. He has no team he takes the money tells you where to go and has you set up a domain name and 800link number etc. He has taken $4,447.00 $4,000 Certified check, $447.00 by credit card going to The Be Free marketing site.

He adds some leads to your back page about 25 when promised & paid for 50,000 leads for his team to work. (No Team) He has changed numbers from Houston Tx. to Miami,Fla. Check sent: 20707 Sundance Springs Lane Sring, Tx. 77379

I have pictures of receipt and check Please get a hold of me here to: [email protected], date: Aug 9, 2019, 10:47 AM Please let me know when my Traffic is Set up? Thank you for purchasing our marketing software. I'm sure you'll find our marketing software to be a valuable tool to assist you in building your business. Your primary page has been created and you can view it at: http://theleveragebreakthrough.com/ You have been setup with the default page, default autoresponder message and the page will redirect to your http://www.leveragebreakthroughsystem.com/newmember website.

To update these and other options you can login to your members area using the login info listed below: URL http://theleveragebreakthrough.com/login Password Sincerely, theleveragebreakthrough.com Fri, Aug 9, 9:38 AM to me, The Be Free System 3514 N. Power Rd., Mesa, AZ 85215 USA Phone (Toll Free): 888-455-3237 Email : [email protected] Coach Christian King http://www.joincoachchristian.biz/ https://www.bethebossnetwork.com/ https://thebefreesystem.net/#/ http://www.befreesecrettraffic.com

Secret SourcesOption #1: Campaign Size: 100,000 Cost: $1,000 To order, send via Paypal to: [email protected]

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STEP #8. Call or email me to set up your to set up your marketing plan Call me on 1-305-400-4370 or email me at [email protected] so that we can discuss the best option for your goals and budgets. Ok. That’s it. Now, if you will, let me leave you with one final thoughtG The system works, IF YOU WORK IT! To be successful you have to be consistent with your advertising.

This is not a lottery ticket or instant coffee. The secret to success is filling up your pipeline with prospects and then letting the system work. If there was a “secret formula” it would be this: Massive Action = Massive Chris King <[email protected]> via cmpml.revampcrm.com to: date: Jul 15, 2019, 9:34 PM subject: Are you still interested? mailed-by: cmpml.revampcrm.com signed-by: cmpml.revampcrm.com 395 sawdust rd suite 2159 spring tx 77380 https://befreenow.convertri.com/tnew Are you still interested?

AA Chris King x Chris King [email protected] via cmpml.revampcrm.com Jul 15, 2019, 9:34 PM to me Hey it's Christian, I'm emailing because I know at one point you were interested in additional i.ncome stream ideas. I have a system that has been making me 20,000 – 25,000 per week consistently. Would you like to have a look at what I'm doing? You can see it here Christian "The7figurementor" This is is name on skype.

12:16 PM(wave)Chris Here you go Skype name is: Memphis, Tn. The7figurementor, 7:45 PMGetting Started.pdfOn step 1 make sure to chose the platinum level 10:36 AM Christian Can you let me know what is going on?The7figurementor, 10:42 AM you can check your domain and see if its set up10:42 AMit is12:39 PMChristian Talk to Tech at Be Free Marketing she told me You were responsible for the leads, Still waiting on that call.

Please call me let me know whats up? 901-871-9291 The7figurementor, 1:05 PM you don't need to call befree for anything I will call you when its your turn I have many calls you are on my list!1:31 PMNeed that Call Today! The7figurementor, 4:09 PMHello don't ell me when to call please set up a time and we can schedule a call I get over 250 calls a day and everyone has to make an appointment I did just call you and there was no answer I am getting on another conference so if you want to talk I am free for about another 15 minif not set up a exact time and we cane schedule a call at that time…5:21 PMHired A Private Investigator!

Taking Information To FBI. Have a Nice day! The7figurementor, 5:48 PMdon't understand what you are talking about man are you not getting leads in your system also I have called you like 3 times you don't pick upyou should check your system you have leads flowing but ok do what you want if that's the case we can remove you from the program manalso just so you know when I call its from a 305 # and you never pick up so like I stated schedule a specific time then we can both be available !

The7figurementor, 10:19 PMSo you still have traffic in que do you want to keep running traffic or should we turn it off ? looks like you have over 50 people who have went tot he site so far so need to know what you are trying to do thanks.as for PI and FBI please dont make threats it will get you nowhere with me I promise been doing this for 15 + years. if you want help I am here just need to schedule a time so we dont play phone taq .

The7figurementor, 10:29 PMlet me know if you want your traffic to continue if so we need to talk before my team turns your traffic back…..3:29 PM Call me when you can <:O) The7figurementor, 4:13 PMok I have tried calling you several times what is good times also I will be calling from a 305 area codeThe7figurementor, 6:02 PM just tried calling you 305-400-4370 [email protected] Tue, Aug 20, 11:44 PM (8 days ago) to me Company Logo The Be Free System 3514 N. Power Rd Mesa, AZ 85215 USA 888-455-3237 [email protected] Hi Tony, You have just received an email message from [email protected]

Message Preview: Re: $4,200 commission to YOU? This is a scam Sent from my iPhone > On Aug 20, 2019, at 4:45 PM, Coach Christian <[email protected]> wrote: > > > > In toda Click Here to view the complete message. You may respond to this message, and/or update your email notification settings, from within your account. *** This is an automatically generated email, please do not reply *** © 2019 The Be Free System Affiliated Partner Of Responsive Data, LLC Hey, it's Coach Christian (here's the info you wanted) Chris King x Tue, Aug 6, 8:40 AM to me Hey, thanks for being here. You wanted to check out my system that is bringing people $7,000 to $14,000 within a few weeks.

I don't want to waste any of your time or mine so let's get right to it. Here is the site where you can see LOADS of proof and get all the details: See it here We Which of the following were used in this incident? (Check all that apply.) ☑ Spoofed Email ☐ Similar Domain ☐ Email Intrusion ☐ OtherPlease specify: Law enforcement or regulatory agencies may desire copies of pertinent documents or other evidence regarding your complaint. Originals should be retained for use by law enforcement agencies.

Information About The Subject(s) Who Victimized You Name: Christian King Business Name: The Be Free System Address: 3514 N. Power Rd., Mesa, AZ 85215 USA Address (continued): Suite/Apt./Mail Stop: City: Mesa Country: United States of America State: Tennessee Zip Code/Route: 85215 Phone Number: 3054004370 Email Address: [email protected] Website: https://thebefreesystem.net/#/ IP Address: Other Information If an email was used in this incident, please provide a copy of the entire email including full email headers. Are you still interested?

AA Chris King x Chris King [email protected] via cmpml.revampcrm.com Mon, Jul 15, 9:34 PM to me Hey it's Christian, I'm emailing because I know at one point you were interested in additional i.ncome stream ideas. I have a system that has been making me 20,000 – 25,000 per week consistently. Would you like to have a look at what I'm doing? You can see it here Christian Are there any other witnesses or victims to this incident?

No If you have reported this incident to other law enforcement or government agencies, please provide the name, phone number, email, date reported, report number, etc. Not yet ☐ Check here if this an update to a previously filed complaint: Who Filed the Complaint Were you the victim in the incident described above? Yes Digital Signature By digitally signing this document, I affirm that the information I provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that providing false information could make me subject to fine, imprisonment, or both. (Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 1001) Digital Signature:

Johnson’s Gadgets They took my money and didn’t send the product

On July 18th, 2019 I ordered toilet cleaning foam from Johndon's Gadgets.  I paid $44.99 through PayPal.  I received an email stating that the purchase request was being processed.  They did not give me a delivery date but did say that I would get an email for when it was shipped.  I never got that email and I never got the product. 

I have sent several emails asking when I could expect this product, with no response.  All I get in my email inbox is more advertising for other products.  But nothing pertaining to my queery.  I have waited patiently, but enough is enough.  They should have at least contacted me.  The payment has already been cleared.

Route 46 Nissan Damaged my car twice and tried to hide it. Not won’t repair it. Totowa New Jersey

I brought my 2016 Nissan altima under full warranty here because my CVT was acting up. They finished the car in a few days and told me it was ready for pick up. I picked up my car and noticed it was pulling slightly left on my way home. They had done an alignment with the trans service.

When I got home I looked at the car and noticed my back right tire was filthy and scraped. I immediately called the dealer and told them about it. The service advisor sam didn't even question me or ask for pictures just said that they would take care of it. I found this quite odd because it seemed like they knew and were trying to see if I would notice.

They also did an oil change on my car without asking me which I did less than 1000 miles ago with FULL SYNTHETIC oil and they put conventional blend oil in it.  When I got there the following Tuesday he told me the tire was dirty because they put a new tire on it. The tech smashed my wheel so hard into a curb or guardrail that it destroyed the tire. So they just changed the tire left the damaged wheel and hoped I wouldn't notice!

I asked why no one told me it was in an accident and they just said sorry we didn't know. They offered to refinish the wheel. I told them about the pulling and since my other tires had 21K+ miles on them they were worn much more than this brand new back right which would make the car pull left. I told them you need to change the tires in pairs on the same axle due to this.

They agreed to give me a new tire on the back left to match the new one on the back right. Then 45 mins later they told me my wheel was ready. I couldn't believe they repaired the wheel so quickly. I went to see the rim and it looked like someone put putty and spray painted it. I said I am sorry I can't accept this. I will need a new wheel. Sam said he had to ask a manager. Then they said they approved it like did me a favor after smashing my car and TRYING TO HIDE IT FROM ME. I was looking at my car up on a lift the back LEFT wheel was off and there were 3 guys putting on a new tire on it.

The next day I went to pick up the car and inspect the work. New wheel and tire on the back right. Went to check the new tire on the back left and the wheel was DESTROYED! It has more damage on this back left wheel than the back right that they smashed into a guardrail. I was calm up until this point to give them the chance to make things right because accidents happen. But I blew up.

I started to yell how could this happen?! Sam proceeded to completely disrespect me saying they ALREADY DID TOO MUCH FOR ME. And that the damage was already there. The tire has fresh metal silver shavings from being curbed TODAY. I just saw the car less than 24 hours ago and we measured all the tires TOGETHER and saw all the rims were perfect. He continued say there is no way they did it and won't do anything about it and that I had to take my paperwork and leave. He kept saying they didnt touch the wheel. I saw them putting the tire on the day before WITH SAM. Flat out lies.

I called the police to file a police report for this damage. And have called Nissan corporate as well to get them to be held responsible. I can't believe that they first smashed my wheel and tire and TRIED TO DECEPTIVELY HIDE IT HOPING I WOULDN'T NOTICE by changing the tire and not telling me. And then when replacing it damaged the other wheel EVEN WORSE in less than 24 hours.

Then they acted and stated that they went above and beyond to fix my car that THEY damaged. This is absolute insanity. I should listened to all their bad reviews before I brought my car there. They have a ton of fake good reviews up to help bury the real bad ones. They even offer people money to take these reviews down. I want them to replace these wheels they keep damaging. How is it possible to damage a wheel while repairing another wheel you smashed? This dealership needs to be shut down or nissan corporate needs to step in.

M1 Finance They Block Me from Logging in Through my Web-browser after I move money around or liquidate positions Chicago IL

This is tne 2nd time After i have logged in through the Windows Mozilla and Microsoft Edge browser that my login access was restricted from logging in after a transaction was made the day before….

Works fine through Ipad App login….but the Web Interface is Blocked…I am sick of these f**king games they play and dont have time……

Oriental Warehouse Mark Marasco took items on consignment but when sold, did not pay for them. Boca Raton Florida

On March 18, 2014, I brought furniture and figures to Mark Marasco at Oriental Warehouse in Boca Raton, FL.  Many of the items had originally been bought by my parents from the Warehouse.  After I moved to CA, I contacted Mr. Morasco—over years.  He would tell me that he would check and call me back.  He would tell me that he sent me a check.

He asked if I was calling because I had received his check.  At one point, he told me that he had sold some of the items and would send me a check for about $200- , which, of course, I never received.  I have read some other complaints against this business, and they all read just like mine.  This man is a thief!!!!

Amazon Retail and Fraud Dept. The Amazon Retail Dept. did sent our fraud alert to the wrong dept, they sent it to the misredeemed gift card dept. vs fraud and therefore we lost over 24 hours and couldn’t recover the remaining gift cards. They mishandled the intake and our countless fraud alerts. Only to ultimately “help” the frauds

We called Amazon to alert them of the fraud:

here is what I sent to [email protected]

I have called countless times, countless names about this and my last resort /recourse as instructed by Taryn in Retail, /resolution specialist is to call corporate.

Here is the brief version.  

We purchased 9 $100 Amazon gift cards through CVS, third party.

We also purchased $600 Apple gift cards ,CVS, third party. (We received a CASH refund check in 5 days from Apple because they swiftly took action when we called.)

We tried to cash the certified check within one hour and was told it was FRAUD.

This is where we took immediate action.

We notified your customer service ( number from our Prime account) about a FRAUD gift card issue on 8/5.

We were told someone would get back to us, as the clock was ticking on these gift cards.

We called again on 8/7 asking for a status because , as you all say "FRAUDS work quick" On that call it was disclosed to us on ,nearly two days later,  that our call and notification to you was mis directed.  It went to the mis redeemed dept. vs FRAUD.  We clearly knew it was FRAUD 6 hours after the transaction.  We were then asked for front and back copies of the cards, as the clock is ticking… We accommodated all requests immediately.  

We were then told that an investigation had to be conducted.

We kept calling and e mailing.

Finally we were told we could get back 341.44 because those gift cards were not YET redeemed.

Your mistake on intake cost us the other 6 $100 gift cards.  We confirmed with the FTC that since APPLE was able to recover some, that your delay helped the frauds cash or move the gift cards along.

No one in the "retail" dept could talk to FRAUD or customer recovery for us.  They said they don't do that.  I called at least 8 times.  Please check your records to verify.  I am calling because we are rightfully deserving of the rest of or a portion of the rest of the gift cards as this was YOUR delay, YOUR mistake. 

Also, this is not a refund of CASH, this is Amazon money, going right back to Amazon.

You will find all correspondence on Prime account James Coyle-Romano e mail [email protected] and [email protected].  There is also an account for Erin Coyle.

Fanatics.com They refused to accept return on a sweatshirt Jacksonville FL

I had purchased a sweatshirt from their site on 8/15/19.  I did not get an email confirmation, but the product came.  It was too big for my husband, so we decided to return.  I started the online return, and it came back and said that I couldn't return it because it was either final sale or customized or field wear. 

I tried calling them, but he hold time is ridiculous – I was on hold for 25 minutes and gave up then on hold for 10 minutes then gave up.  How am I supposed to know why it was rejected if no one speaks to me?  They have a lousy customer service process there.