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911iNet Javier GARCIA Jennifer maheux Jennifer miller Unethical. Unprofessional. Fake Dispatch Service Internet

 We originally again using this service provide dispatch services for our field staff. Shortly after we paid over $1000 for radio equipment we noticed that the dispatchers were not providing accurate information.  At one time we gave them a location where an emergency was occurring, instead they put us out at an entirely different state. Often times we would ask them to call the police dispatch to let them know we were in the area. However when we called back the police dispatch had no idea we were in the area.

Next, they hired  Jennifer to be the regional business development. Immediately we realized she was a competitor and was using the information to steal business from us. When other people complain, Javier supported Jennifer. Jennifer publicly posted Responses to our social media postings and called us POLICE impersonators and felons and told other people not to support our social media. We brought this to Javier tension and it was ignored.Responses to our social media postings and called us POLICE impersonators and felons and told other people not to support our social media. We brought this to Javier attention and it was ignored.

Now we are holding on to over $1000 worth of radio equipment that is absolutely useless. These radios were bought from China by Javier and locked so they cannot be reprogrammed and taken to another competitor. We paid to get screwed.

Shannon Sneed, Attorney Took the money and ran Covington Georgia

I recommend that you avoid this attorney. My sister-in-law, a single parent mother with custody of her child, had paid this attorney $1100+ in early 2019 to help with the non-payment of the child support from the ex-husband. Essentially she just needed to find out what her options are regarding a review of the missing child support payments (she has been getting conflicting messages from Georgia Division of Child Support Services).

She heard back from this attorney in February 2019 and again in June, not with any news about the case or any findings but merely to be told that the attorney was still looking into the issue.

Now its October 2019 and attempts to reach this lawyer have went unanswered.

Psychic Mrs Young Mrs A Marion Aka Mrs Young Aka Sabrina Vezaley Aka Annie Guzman Aka Yana She has stolen millions of dollars from me! Miami Florida

I had a problem I have just found out that my fiancé was sleeping with a friend of mine, Needless to say I was very devastated, I don’t know what for the life of me made me go to a psychic, I ended up in the area because I went to Dadeland mall, Driving by I saw a psychic and I called she said her name was Mrs Young so I walked in and she told me I had demons haunting me that will never allow me Find love so Of course i desperately wanted to be with my fiancé and didn’t want anything to stand in the way after so long seeing her each visit it would be $500, $1,500 and so on until she then told me it would be $3 million dollars cash to remove the badluck and negativity and that I need to bring a pillow case and a watermelon of all things, there was some other odd things she told me we needed to burn the money what I didn’t know is she switched out the money for counterfeit money I told her I didn’t want to burn all of it and the money she gave me was counterfeit, i tried going to authorities but it seems like they are on her side I have a lot of money and will get lawyers to handle this I just wanted to warn other people who this woman is, how I know who this woman really is because I was contacted by a young woman who told me that this woman is also involved in drug and human trafficking

LAUNCH TALENT NY Launch the competition/convention Launch the competition Go for Launch SCAMMERS Flemington New Jersey

They will lie to you, they will take your money, they will promise you the world with your dreams coming true to get into the entertainment industry, it's all lies! DONT TRUST THEM THEY WILL LIE TO YOU!

SELLTESTSTRIPSHERE.COM They stole medical test strips from me and refuse to pay me Glasgow,Baren, County Kentucky

okay so I have been doing buisnes with this company for about almost 3 years and they have always paid me on time. On July 27,2019 I sent them a box with my medical teast strips, it was received on July 30,2019 at 8:15am by agent that is what the post office said.

I called and called and no anwer. I emailed them i do not know how maney times and nothing.     So I decided to call one morning real early it was 7 am and they answerd and acording to them they needed to catch up on billing and they were trying to fix the problem and that tey apologize for the broblem, I thought it would take abought a week or 2 and nothing same story all the time.

So I filed a complaint BBB and acording to them that thet were trying to catch up on billing but it went from that to not even getting  a respond from them from just being ignord, so the BBB had to close my case because they were not  responding or anwering their phone,if you look on the BBB website they have over 102 complaints from sellteststripshere.com.

The last time I called was abought 3 weeks ago same story we are trying  to catch up I finally I said please be onest and do not lie is it going to take one month or two month she said i do not know it made me so mad that i just said how abought if i just sue you  and they said go ahead… I think what they need is a reality check, and just sue them for our money, I hope this helps please do not send your medical test strips they are not ging to pay you… it is a scam.                                                                                                           


Jeffrey P. Scaggs – The Scaggs Law Firm, P.C. Jeffrey P. Scaggs The Scaggs Law Firm, P.C. Terrible Non-Performing Lawyer, Scam Artist, White Plains NY

We hired

Jeffrey P. Scaggs

The Scaggs Law Firm, P.C.

301 Old Tarrytown Road

White Plains, NY  10603

Tel: 212.564.4224 and Tel: 917-968-6950

[email protected]

Bar Number: 4820635

as LEAD ATTORNEY in a child abduction case and paid him $12,000.

He contacted on the 16 Sept. 2019 on our behalf the AG in Utah to file criminal charges against the child kidnapping party. Even though we had already written a professional letter to be presented to the AG, Mr. Scaggs wanted to "change" our letter.

However, within the next 14 days, Mr. Scaggs delivered NOTHING but excuses… such as: "I am overwhelmed with the work"….or "I have 50 more clients"… etc. etc.

Mr. Scaggs also REFUSED for more than 6 weeks to provide his Photo ID to LawClerk.com to hire more lawyers who would assist him, which was part of our LEAD ATTORNEY AGREEMENT. He came up with more lame excuses which ultimately lead to the CANCELATION of our LawClerk account, which caused harm to the reputation of our organization.

Other LawClerk lawyers who wanted to work with us, wrote us emails stating that

"This appears to be a scam. I am reporting it to the Attorney General and also notifying LawClerk to investigate and bar your listings. Please do not contact me further."

Needless to say, that we had no other choice than to terminate the LEAD ATTORNEY WORKING AGREEMENT with Mr. Scaggs.

When we asked him to provide a refund of at least $6,000 for the payment of September 2019, which we wired to him one week in advance of the months end, Mr. Scaggs REFUSED to refund the money for the work he has FAILED to do.

We would not recommend this unprofessional Lawyer to anybody, as it seems Mr. Scaggs works with "one liner responses" through his iphone only, but in the 2 month of working with us, Mr. Scaggs has never written any letter or any custody enforcement order even though we asked him to do so from day 1.

We also have not received any professional billing nor any overview of how he spend our money. Overall, a horrible experience with Mr. Scaggs who was supposed to assist us in returning kidnapped children to their left behind parents, but instead he takes our organization for a ride and smears our reputation with LawClerk for not performing at all, even though he signed up for this in our working agreement.


JAI*APPLESEEDS VIP PLU877-7160333 $14.95 monthly fee for services not rendered

I ordered an item from this company, and since then I have been charged a membership(?) fee each month. of $14.95

exclusivesalespropect.com Jasmine Arora (Jenny) Took our money and stopped communication the next day New Delhi

We hired this company to provide preset appointments for solar. Jenny is a good sales person. Signed a contract, wired the money and they disappeared. When it looks to good to be true its probably not!!

Looks like just another internet scam!!

MeghRaj TechnoSoft Sagar D FRAUDULENT | Scammed me Ahmedabad Gujarat

This Indian company is a FRAUD. They are not capable of making websites and delivering quality product. 
Sagar agreed with me on a fixed price project. His quality was pathetic.

They even charged me more than the actual money. Always compaining lame excuses to not working properly. They wasted my 6 months and thousands of dollars. I'll definitely sue this company.

America’s Top Buyer America’s Top Buyer, LLC America’s Top Buyer Roadshow Jim Duke James Duke William Duke Bob Duke Amanda Duke Wendy Duke Michael Duke Jim Duke and Americ’as Top Buyer are Liars, Thieves, Scammers and Con Artists! Honolulu Hawaii

I was contracted by Jim Duke of America's Top Buyer, LLC, aka America's Top Buyer Roadshow until Antiques Roadshow threatened to sue them for trying to confuse people into believing that they were one in the same show, so they dropped the "Roadshow" part.

I built a website, created logos, designed marketing materials, and then went on the road with them and shot, edited and produced a docu-reality video series, for which I wasn't fully reimbused for my expenses as promised or fully compensated for the work I did, and they now are illegally copying my videos off the internet with a video ripper, reproducing them and claiming that they (in particular Jim's son William) produced the videos, all done without my authorization and without paying for licensing rights.

I have all of the original artwork, video clips, etc to prove that this is my work. There is also meta data on the backend of every video clip with my copyright information.

Jim Duke and his family are nothing but a bunch of liars, thieves, criminals, scammers and con artists.