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MB click it photography Valerie Cox Refuses refund after I was ghosted Myrtle Beach South Carolina

I paid a deposit for a photo shoot. She rescheded it once and then ghosted me. She contacted me almost month after when the session was rescheduled for (because I made a BBB report) and she still refuses to give me my money back despite never having an actual photo session in her end. I was understanding at first when it was rescheduled. Now I'm finding out she does this all the time and makes sure she waits past 180 days so PayPal wont refund.

Perfect Optimizer Didn’t get the optimizer. Paid $68.76 Internet

did not get it.Was suspose to be lifetime . Order # 6NPZB36E. ClickBank.

STARS PACKAGING / MICHAEL WINSTON Mikey Mike Check with BBB and current clients before you purchase from this Sales Representative. Columbus Ohio

Be sure to do a comprehensive due dilligence back ground check on this Sales Representative.  Be sure to remain connected with the Better Business Bureau.  He has a huge ego and does not care about the client. Only concern is 'FAST CASH" or closing a deal by what ever he has to say at the moment.  He is a "USED CAR SALES REP. " at best.  Be careful and cautious when he approaches your for packaging services.  Note: He never ever worked at the Cold King Consulting Firm. 

Kate Swift bnbplusme Property Works LLC Katherine Swift Katie Swift . THIS PERSON HAS TRIED TO SCAM ME AND THREATENED TO SUE ME IF I DIDN’T PAY HER MORE MONEY Boise Idaho

I run my own successful short term rental company, and please beware that there is a well known con artist named Kate Swift in Boise Idaho with a company called Property Works LLC who has copied the famous BNB Formula program and calls her program bnbplusme and it is just a poorly done rip off of the BNB Formula program. She and her business have tried to scam me out of more money and even threatened to sue me, and thankfully she hasn't gotten away with it.

It should be illegal for crooked and unscrupulous people like Ms. Swift to steal something like the BNB Formula program and try making money off of innocent and unsuspecting people with it by trying to fool them into using a fake and over priced imitation that is full of important mistakes and incorrect information.

Diplomat Richard Daniel Beware of Scammer San Diego California

sgent Richard Daniel contacted me about a consignment.  I rejected and he insisted it was in my name.  Began in September little by little asking for Steam Wallet cards…for yellow tag, clearance certificate, and others.  10/6/2019 needed $120, assuring me he would arrive by 10:30 a.m.he lied……never showed up and refuses to answer text or phone.  Scammed $585

Postal Benefit Inc Nancy Green, Leo visser,pearl perez this company claims to pay 3100$ a month to receive packages and salary will be paid monthly tomorrow is my pay day and i have a strong feeling after reading reports on this site tey are not going to pay.I will join in sueing and taking down this company because of them my familiy. Aventura Florida

I have received packages with other peoples name for 30 days alot of packages came in and i reshipped them now its close to pay day tomorrow 0ct,6 .Now my portal doesnt work.All of my packages were for inne states no international labels.I am ready to stop and sue anyone.Also will help in any federal investigation of these peeole taking advantage of people with nothing

Atlas Car rentals Sydney Australia Claims Department) HAS ATLAS RUN OFF WITH MY $1150? Mascot, Sydney NSW


I'm taking to this platform to complain about at best appalling communication, and worst a possible rip off. Over 2 weeks ago I gave Atlas car rentals over $1150 to cover the tiniest of grazings on the rear bumper. I was assured there'd be a refund. But I am unable to get a response from anyone in their claims department or their rental outlet. There's no way of contacting claims directly, repeated messages have been sent by me and their calls centre. These  remain unanswered.  And without final claims details I am unable to claim on my insurance. At this stage I have to ask the question….Have ATLAS taken my money and run? 

I am now going to approach various consumer complaints bodies to clear this up, that's of course unless someone at Atlas is prepared to sort it out. 


Sandra Marshall

City of Menifee City Hall Failure to pay any overtime or forced overtime on a 5/8 schedule that was refused 9 80 schedule when everbody else has it Illegal Public Records Requests Do Not work here unless you have 2 cell phones Menifee California

The City of Menifee fails to pay any overtime completely to an employee who works past their shift on a 5/8 schedule. This is where the employee works Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm with a 1 hour lunch instead of a 9 80 schedule where they work 7:30 am to 5:30 with every other Friday off.  They want to have it both ways.  They expect the 5/8 worker to stay past 5 pm everyday and have never paid anything in overtime or compensatory time which amounts to hundreds or thousands of unpaid hours.  Every overtime request I submitted remains unpaid today (yes I do have an attorney for that) but they won't provide a 9 80 schedule to some people saying that they are not a fan of it when they all have it and so does over 85% of all staff. I could understand if the job I had there had public contact but mine DOES NOT! Nobody with half a brain would take a 5/8 schedule over a 9/80 unless it was forced on them.  They keep giving me the run around about switching to it acting as if it the crown jewel that I cannot have.  Nobody there has heard me talking any public phone calls much less hundreds per day or working at the public counter,  The facilities manager Allen Yun flat out lied and said that the 9 80 schedule was not available to new employees when people hired after I was in the same department got it!!  Also most, if not all 9 80 employees are always late for a 7:30 am start time, getting there at 7:40, 7:45, 8:05, etc.  and they never stay until 5:30pm.  Some even start at 7:45 and leave at 4:30?? with at least an hour for lunch.  I call it that a 9/72 schedule!!  Also, as government employees, they attempt to get your personal cell phone for public records requests to see all your private photos!!  This is what I was smart enough to do, I have two cell phones, one for work and the other one that nobody connected with this agency will ever know.  I protect it every day vigilantly even taunting them that may they will have enough clairvoyance to guess it out of 10,000,000 combinations.  I doubt they will.  I value my privacy and my private time.  I do not accept any interuptions on my days off or any shift cover requests.  City of Menifee City Hall is a fraudulent, labor code violating employer and a scam!!!!! DO NOT WORK HERE!!!!

Sisters In Charge Deceptive Practices & Customer Service Hauppage New York

I went to pickup the items I won today. Upon arrival they told me that the main item I really wanted had broken. It took me four hours to get there and two more to get home. A phone call telling me the issue would have been the right thing to do as I really only bought the other items bc I was going for the main item. They did break the item b/c the glass shards were still in the box with some other items I purchased. That made it obvious they dropped the box. Two Limoges boxes in the box were also broken. A dinner plate was chipped, a bowl was cracked and a "sterling silver" item was not completely sterling silver – it was silver plate. The owner said "buyer beware" after it was pointed out. I had signed off on the order B'c she was shoving it in my face as I was looking at my items and had not even left or moved from my spot yet when I noticed the damage. 'Buyer Beware" she said. That was the OWNER'S warning…So listen to her words….BUYER BEWARE!!!

microsoft microsoft caused a problem and refuse to fix it Nationwide

i recently did a refresh on my windows laptop

was having issues with activation ( 4 day mightmare with microsoft)

got a call from a "supervisor" about it if i got it fixed i mentioned i was having a issue with getting windows updates also so he offered to help ( a first) so he took remote access and ran a batch file ( other than that ignored me)

while this was happening he began messing with settings etc… as i sat there watching ( so far nothing bad or improper yet)

after he checked settings ( see above)

he began with other things which became questionable

he did some commands ( windows  and r key) and explorer opened with a dll fault message , thought hmm whats going on here

few minutes later he did same thing obviously something is not right here as same run dll issue came up

i asked what was happening and why that error came up he ignored me



at this point i disconnected fromt his supervisor, who spent the next 30 minutes running his mouth babbling refusing to do anything just making excuses ( insert someone who talks but says nothing)


was not until the next day when i was online next that i saw the results of this supervisors tampering ( my term)

when i close explorer now i get 2 sometimes 1 if i'm lucky run dll errors

as below


there was a problem starting C:\windows\system32\inetcpl.cpl

the application has failed to start because its side by side configuration is incorrect.

please see the application event log or use the command line sxstrace.exe tool for more deatils .


hmmm red flags raised whats this about???????????????????

looked into this and this supervisor stuck this inetcpl.cpl issue into the control panel ( how nice)

tried looking at fixes didnt find much


100's ( yes 100's) of calls to microsoft all i get is my time wasted , excuses, talking to myslef and hung up on ( which includes 1 manager, and 4 or 5 other supervisors)

had one "tech" tell me this morning " just use another browser" after telling me " its microsofts policy to force ro make users ( thats you and me ) do a reinstall"

so a questionable "fix" turns into a further nightmare

under the guise of helping me they insert a new issue that they refuse to fix