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CarTrawler Took my money and refused to return it when the rental was not honored Dublin Internet

I followed all of the instructions CarTrawler provided and upon arrival in Rome went to the SIXT desk at FCO on Saturday 1st September with all of the documentation that CarTrawler had instructed me to take. The woman at the SIXT desk asked to see the hardcopy of the email that CarTrawler had sent me and the hardcopy of the provided voucher. Initially her attitude was friendly and helpful but when she saw that the booking had been made through CarTrawler her demeanor changed. She asked to see my drivers’ license. I provided my UK drivers’ license which she would not accept because my residence is the US. I provided my US drivers’ license which she did not accept because she said it was not valid in Italy (not only is this factually incorrect because of the reciprocal arrangements between the US and Italy, but I have never had an issue using a US drivers’ license to hire a vehicle anywhere in Italy in the 15 years I have been travelling there). I started to suspect that something was wrong and this was confirmed when she told me I needed to have an International Drivers Permit. Here’s the thing – I do actually have one of those. They are very rare and not needed in Italy but I was able to show this to her along with my passport and valid credit card. I was then told by the woman that I would not be allowed to take my pre-booked and pre-paid for car because I had made the booking on the CarTrawler website and not on SIXT.com. If you have a similar experience to this you need to know that all of this was a smokescreen. Subsequent investigations and conversations with members of staff at multiple vehicle rental desks at FCO have shown that these companies simply will not honour CarTrawler bookings. CarTrawler know this and continue to sell rentals to customers safe in the knowledge that they will get to keep the money, not have to pay the third party (in my case SIXT), and then just fob the customer off when they complain.

As soon as I left the car rental office I called the CarTrawler customer service number and explained what had happened. The representative I spoke to immediately started trying to invent reasons for the SIXT woman’s behavior but this was not appropriate because only she and I were involved in the discussion and I can categorically state that the sole reason given by her for not allowing me to take the car that I had booked and paid for was that I had made the booking on the CarTrawler website. I therefore followed CarTrawler’s complaints process <[email protected]> and requested the immediate return of the $120.08 that I paid for this car rental. My CarTrawler case number is 00917430. In order to investigate the case CarTrawler requested the following documents all of which were provided:

  • The photo/scan of the Payment Card used at the rental desk showing the following information: the first 6 digits of the card, the name of the card holder, expiry date and the bank's logo (please cover any irrelevant information).
  • A photo/scan of the drivers licence.
  • A photo/scan of the International Driving Permit.
  • A photo/scan of the additional form of the photo ID (passport).
  • A proof of your own Loss Damage Waiver Insurance presented at the rental desk.
  • A copy of any receipts/ documents/ photographs that are relevant to your case.
  • Your flight details and flight number.

Incredibly, after providing everything they asked for, CarTrawler then invented a story where I was a ‘no-show’ at the vehicle rental office at FCO writing that as a result they are “not able to offer a refund on this occasion”!
They explained that “A 'no-show' occurs for the following reasons:
1 – You didn't inform us about your cancellation prior to your pick-up time.

2 – You failed to pick up the car at the arranged time and date.
3 – You failed to provide the documentation that's required to pick up the car.
4 – You failed to provide a credit card in the main driver's name with enough available funds on it.
In the event of any of the above, no refunds will be made to you.”
Since none of these criteria applied in my case I again got in touch with CarTrawler and asked again for the return of my money explaining why their justification for not returning was invalid in each case. They are still to this date refusing to return my money.

At the time of writing there are 47 pages of complaints about CarTrawler on TripAdvisor and I am not at all surprised. They have been described variously as conmen and crooks and that has certainly been my experience.

Smith Dray Line Movers of Blythewood and Smith Dray Line & Storage Atlas Van Lines. They go by both names. They damaged items, Missing items, replaced items of lower value to our original items that were of high value, forgery, Blythewood South Carolina

January second 2018 started off like most days in Elgin, SC with the exception of the three Smith and Dray Lines Atlas girl packers who arrived at our home to start packing what was left to pack after I had packed over fifty percent of it myself into tote containers for a seven month storage stay until we closed on our new home in Murrell’s Inlet, SC.

When these ladies came into our home I was uneasy from the vibes I was getting from them but ignored it and went on with my day of sealing the container I packed as advised by Cherie from Smith Dray Lines Atlas or now known to us as the scouter.

In my opinion these three girls should have had the whole house packed and done on the first day which made me suspicious as to why they weren’t.

On January third the girls showed back up to finish the packing and again I felt the same feeling as the day before. On this day I felt like something didn’t feel right like items from our western bedroom were being stolen. I walked around trying to keep an eye on everything I could. Our home being packed was almost 5000 square feet and I was all by myself.

I had taken every loose item, pictures, etc. to our master bedroom to be packed in one area and even organized it for the packers.

I walked by the western bedroom feeling very uncomfortable with the girl in there going through our hope chest of hidden and cherished family antiques and items. At one point I noticed this girl went missing so I walked around the house to see if I could find her and I couldn’t. They had parked their moving truck in front of our garage this day. I went out to the truck to see if I could find this person but she was no where to be found. I thought that was weird but just moved on.

The girl in our master bedroom called me in to initial on her page that the big picture frame with glass she was getting ready to pack had a crack in it prior to her packing it. She taped it with their packing tape. I did think it was weird that she didn’t have me sign for other items that had cracked glass or broken items but then thought nothing of it wanting to trust that we could trust them. Such a bad mistake!

On this same day they were went on another lunch for more then an hour. Weird. No urgency to get the job done.

January fourth the loaders showed up to start loading and pack up what they were suppose to be doing. The lead driver Mike let me know they were one person down of three that is why he had his wife there to count and tag our tote containers that I packed. I thought this was weird and unprofessional but then maybe that is how this company does business. I was not impressed and suspicious once again.

We were told they couldn’t get their big truck down our road so they had to split the loading into two truck loads. Which I didn’t believe them as we have had semi trucks down our country road before with no problems. But once again I thought whatever and suspicious but didn’t question it further.

Mike’s wife left earlier in the day so it was Mike and what I thought was his son because he kept calling the guy son all day. He was a bigger hefty boy.

It was around five-thirtyish/six pm that first day when they were done and loaded with the first days load. Mike told me they still had to unload our belongings on this day into the vault at Smith Dray Line headquarters which would give them about another two hours they would have to work. I was like wow that is a long day and how exhausted they must have already been to have two more hours of unloading but it would go faster then loading it.

At the end of the first day of loading they closed and locked the loading truck and headed off to Smith Dray Lines facility we thought.

January fifth 2018, Mike the driver and two guys showed up to finish packing the really big items in our home and loading our boxes the girls packed and our bigger items which wasn’t much at all.

On this day Mike the lead driver made sure to point out and show me the number one box that was at the front door marked number one. Mike was putting all pieces and parts from everything he took apart and television remotes into the number one box. Mike kept telling me to make sure I found this box first when the movers arrived to our new home. Mike repeated this many times to me.

A lot of moving was going on this day as there was one king bed with a select comfort mattress and a queen log bed to be taken down, one pinball machine, BowFlex gym, Bowflex Max 5 machine, Bowflex accessories gym parts, Pilates machine, brand new refrigerator, two patio triple person swings, grill, outside glider seat bench, five person elite patio dining set, all my new garage equipment and storage cabinets, etc…..

On this day I remember being asked questions about items I had. I had some styrofoam that still needed packed as I didn’t get to it. I packed all the other bags with super strength Hefty bags and super strength tape. Kenny was gathering up my pieces of styrofoam and asked me what I used it for, I told him I used it for the landscaping to my Department 56 Christmas displays which was quite extensive. Why I bring this up is because every piece was specific and when looking on eBay I saw one of the pieces from my landscape collection.

Mike made sure as he took anything apart that had loose parts and pieces that I watched him put them into the number one box. I thought this was over doing it but okay.

I was concerned about our California Grapevine Furniture and asked Mike if we could crate it like was done by the previous moving company we used in Minnesota when we moved down to South Carolina. Mike said something like no it would be a waist of your money and time and then tried to explain it so I wouldn’t push the matter. In my head I was like okay, I guess, whatever, I’m just the customer! I wasn’t happy about this but I really didn’t know what to do so I left the area.

Mike had me take pictures of our select comfort bed so we would know how to put it back together once we got it back which I thought was weird for two reasons. For one our move from Minnesota to Columbia, SC the movers set the bed up and secondly John and I have been taking down and setting that bed up for over 20 years. I humored him and took pictures.

When Mike started to take our Flash Gordon pinball machine apart he wanted me to watch and record him so when we got it back at our new home we knew how to put it back together which once again was weird because our movers did all that for us when we moved from Minnesota to South Carolina. I said okay, that’s a good idea realizing I guess I would be putting it back together once we received it at our new home. During this recording his crew of to guys was working around us packing up the big items and moving them downstairs. I was concentrating on what Mike was saying so I didn’t pay attention to what was being said around me.

The last items to be packed on this day was our shed in our backyard.  It was such a relief to be done and watch them pull away thinking all our belongings would be safe and secure packed at their facility like was sold and told to us.

Literally as Mike and his two guy crew pulled away from our shed I texted my husband John and said they just left which time stamped them as leaving our property at two twenty five pm on January 5, 2018.

July 2, 2018 around ten am in the morning the movers arrive. Our nightmare begins!!!!!!!


I WAS SCAMMED AND FRAUDED BY HOODOO DELISH OVER $13,000 To follow the rules terms and conditions of this website with truthful accurate information I will comment briefly on this person and court case. In a few weeks if she doesn't show up according to the court I can release case information fully.  I do have evidence screenshot of the transfer from her when she took my money. I first gave her (Hoodoo Delish) the benefit of the doubt before complaining and filing a report but I spend over $4,000 on magic butter and spell work that never worked plus the wire fraud transfer of $13,000. I knew it was here after I used cash app when she said her PayPal was done. I wasn't supposed to say anything until x number of days or until I won the case if she didn't show up to court but my attorney (Weise) stated since this a public record no issues and the fact that so many others had her thrown in jail.

My complaint?  On July 17th 2019, Hoodoo Delish Rebecca Shelton sent a message to everyone in the group that he was having a special on honey jars and butter candles 50% off. Since I wanted some work done and butter to use on candles, I placed several orders. I also had family members wanting some items. So for the first butter candle it was $1,500 but the discount was only used for his/ her honey jar $900!  I ended up telling her my entire story, so he/she said order 4 of them for $4,2050!!!   I am referring to her as he because she was born a male.

Now here is how the $13,000 got transferred from my bank account online by her. Again she told me after the $4,500 was somehow on hold and she needed me to give her my bank account information to verify on her end to unfreeze the money. I was tricked instead of $4,500 she TOOK $13,000!!!!!!!!!

I knew I was scammed because the reports she sent had someone else name (Paul Shelton) and the butter she sends melted. I rubbed all over my purse and house to bring in money, Nothing happened!.

We also learned that Hoodoo itself is African based that is practice in the south by African Americans only. I was hurt and shammed when friends pointed this out that a white man/woman would steal another culture. Not to mention she lied to use and twisted the truth. I just hope the judge see's this case in our favor and she goes the jail. According to attorney they are trying to bring charged by mail fraud  and fraud by depiction on her. The district attorney  wants the case public. Hopefully she will show up to court and be locked away so she can't harm people anymore. Rebecca Avonim


What we didn't know about Rebecca Shelton. Yes, her real name is Rebecca Shelton not Rebecca  Avi Bea . It seems witch patrol or whoever was correct she has several allias such Rebecca Avonim,  Avi Bea  ,Avio Blackstone, etc. She may also be the owner of a infamous slander forum to draw traffic to her business So that will be confirmed at a later date in the comments.


Spectrum/Charter Deducted an authorized amount from my bank account, after I cancelled the auto pay. St Louis, Riverview MO, FL

I cancelled the internet service, returned the equipment, and then tried to cancel the auto pay, but my account had been made inactive and I could not cancel the auto pay. I called and talked to a person and told them numerous times to not deduct anything automatically and to cancel the auto pay. I asked to have my account re-activated so that I could make sure the auto pay was cancelled, but they said they could not do that.

They went ahead and deduted the auto pay amount that I specifically told them not to deduct, because my service had been cancelled. They refused to do anything about it, and they may still deduct the auto pay next month even though I don't have service. I can't stop them, because I have no access to my account to stop the auto pay.

Ticket-Center.com Tickets-Center Mr. James Parker Purchased tickets 3 weeks ago for an event happening tomorrow AND no tickets in hand. No refunds given. Henderson Nevada

Purchased 6 event tickets for Austin City Limits on 9/14 and event happening on 10/6 (tomorrow) and yet to receive tickets even though when I purchased it said "special delivery." The tickets have never been delivered and now all I have received is the name of a random hotel to pick up these tickets with no contact name, no phone number, no trust I will ever get. Asked for refund, horrible service, never again!

Gable Jackson Payne UHC Inc. Commercial and Residential License #1048159 California He has taken $8000.00 and no work has been done Pleasant Hill California

We signed a contract with Gable Payne for kitchen remodeling. He asked for $1000.00 on 8/13/19. He then asked for another check of $6,838.00 on 9/10/19 so he could start demolition of the existing kitchen. He promised to start the job 09/23/19. We called him that day and did not hear back from him until 9/29/19. He did not start that day either. He said he was sorry he was really busy working this was on 10/02/19. It’s now 10/05/19 and still has not given us a start date.

Interactive Systems & Technologies Mass-air.com IST Took our money never delivered product won’t respond to emails or phone calls Jasper Georgia

I purchased a MAF conversion kit from this company for a customers 351 ford bronco at a cost of 2k. When I ordered over the phone from Steve he said they were busy and not to expect delivery for 30 days I said no problem. That was March of 2019. They ran my debit card immediately when I ordered but stated at time of order that my card would not be charged until the kit was ready to ship. I gave them until mid May before I started calling and emailing. They have never returned any of our dozens of emails and the only way they will answer the phone is if we call from a different number than the ones they already recognize from our numerous calls. When we do get them on the phone they either tell us they are looking into it or the line just goes dead. It’s now November 2019 and it’s clear this is a scam, we have been strung along and strung along with no reply to email or voicemails and I want my money back From interactive systems technology DBA mass-air as we have already purchased a competitors kit to complete the job for our customer. law enforcement should investigate for fraud and theft by deception. They are intentionally delaying delivery to weaken our chances of relief from visa fraud protection.

VA Puget Sound Health Care System Medical Center, Seattle Division U.S. Department Of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Seattle, WA; VAPSHCS, Seattle, WA; Seattle VAMC; VA Medical Center, Seattle; SVAH …… Pre-VETERANS DAY 2019 Historic Recounting Of Yet Another DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS (VA) Pre-Trump Era “Hall Of Shame” Moment Retrospective Account: Seattle, Washington

This upcoming 2019 Veterans Day holiday will find me sadly reminiscing in angst-driven aggravation, a horrible experience which still gets to me all these many years later. Here's how the story lays-out: There was a dark time in the despicable sordid ugly vile history of the VAPSHCS Seattle Division Medical Center when a battered & tattered ragged eyesore of a damaged Garrison-sized AMERICAN FLAG was allowed to fly high atop the tall main facility flagpole in disgraceful shame for several weeks prior to being reported to the management cadre crony fools den, and was still allowed to remain flying in a Veteran-insulting disrespectful state for several more days — beyond the time of comp!aint report submission — before the ivory tower dwelling bogus braintrust numbskull jerkoffs ever lifted even one lazy fat finger to do anything whatsoever at all about it. Administration officials — never having served in the uniformed military services — had no respect nor honor nor appreciation for the veterans they were supposed to be serving ….. but conversely, they demonstrated unpatriotic contempt for said veterans, and by extension, the United States Of America. Moreover, the patriotic individual who formally submitted the flag-in-tatters complaint report through proper channels was roundly reviled and retaliated against by the administration arm of the Seattle VA ….. a managerial collective of abusive, clueless, corrupt, Godless, heartless, mindless, thoughtless, Machiavellian subhuman filthy bastards, to be certain. Amen. Such vile vengeful misbehavior undertaken and patently perpetrated by an exposed — thus "outed" — and embarrassed administration is altogether incontrovertibly unholy, repugnant, abusive, dishonorable, disrespectful, vicious, vile, vindictive, shameful, disgusting, deplorable …… and perhaps even far beyond those big words — like "gymnasium"– with even more big word descriptors woven-into the fabric of the duly-deserved verbal onslaught. Their brand of evil is undoubtedly filthy rotten to the core, thus theirs is forever all dirty disgrace on so very many levels and likewise to so many extreme degrees.

Wavelength Marketing Matthew Hollenbach Matt Hollenbach Internet Marketing Branding Company hires losers who cannot market themselves but want steal your money by lying about their qualifications and having their own employees post positive reviews to shore up business. If they don’t know how to use the internet to research their own hires, how are they going to help you? RIPOFF SCAM! Lancaster Pennsylvania

By hiring losers like Matthew T. Hollenbach as their so-called digital marketing without reading all the negative reviews about what a liar cheat and fraud he is, how do they expect he can improve sales and the "digital experience" and "branding" of YOUR business or web presence? That is just plain stupid and any business that stupid won't get my money. And should not get yours.

Plenty of other marketing companies do not hire losers like Matt Hollenbach, who will promise you the moon while robbing you blind. He cannot hold a job because he is a liar and a loser, and an ounce of research by this incompetent company would have shown that. Duh!!!

Car Mart in Little Rock Arkansas Purchased a car w/problems offered replacement vehicle also had issues. They kept downpayment and made to leave with no vehicle and no refund of deposit. Little Rock Arkansas

Sep 16th found a car paperwork approved. Next day car didn't start and has needed a jump every time used. Contacted dealer immediately and offered a similar car with more miles but it didn't lock and radio didn't work. Was told they would fix issues and could take possession today (Oct 5). Today was sent away with no vehicle nor refund of deposit. Now on side of road with carseat and no transportation.