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Jay Byham ordered DeWalt Thickness Planes through FaceBook Market ad. No tracking information given and no return contacts from phone or emails. 3 weeks later received a small hand-held brush. brush Huntsville AL

As above: no tracking information given and no returns to contact attempts. Recieved a small hand-held brush described as a cleaning brush for a thickness planer. 

WEN therisingtideradio.com WEN DA The following Site therisingtideradio.com purported to be vendors of high end designer clothing and shoes, but in truth and fact they rip you off, the items received are very cheap and inferior, poor quality items made in China.SUZHOU JIANGSU

Good evening,

My sister travelled to the USA summer of 2019 in the month of July. I came across the following site one day while browsing the internet therisingtideradio.com As I purused the site I came upon a pair of Dolce and Gabanna Sildes which I had really liked. I had purchased a pair for my daughter in the past from a credible vendor, and I decided to purchase myself a pair.

The site specified purchases had to be made via a Mastercard and my credit card is Visa, so I gave the money to my sister and asked her to make the purchase on my behalf while in the USA, which she did, via a Mastercard. About a month or so had passed and we received no word on the purchase. However, one day she telephone me in a rage on receipt of the shoes, which were suppose to be the D & G slides.

To my surprise and disgust when she uploaded the picture of the shoes I was dumbfounded they were nothing in comparison to what this site had advertised, far from. Color, style, quality every specification was off, both her and I went back to the site to research a return policy, it stated that you needed to contact them to get the return address in the event of a return, we have sent so many emails to this company, following their instructions carefully and to this day no response or action.

These type of vendors really need to be brought to justice for misrepresentation of said purchases and the public needs to be aware, to protect themselves against this type of fraudulent behavior. Attached are the pictures of the desired shoes and the shoes received!



Kaylynn Szokoly Nicole, Fitzgerald, Jinjer, Alexander, Alex Stole my horse Fort Hood, Charlottesville, Moody Maryland, Texas, Virginia

On October 8th 2019, Kaylynn and Alex Szokoly stole a horse from me. Payment was never received and excuses were made. Horse was found advertised October 14th on Facebook for sale with misleading and false information with regards to the horse.

Many excuses were made why payment wasn't received, then once the horse left the property, no more replies from these two. Police file will be filed October 15th Other aliases are Jasmine Roger's and Jinjer If you see this horse advertised, he is a stolen horse.

Chris Baird Chris Baird Consultant tried to make me buy a trailer from him. He has threatened me with a 20 day notice to replace my trailer or leave the park. vancouver WA

Raised my rent 200 told me I had to rerplace my trailer do to it's age.

Tried to force me to buy a trailer from him. He bullied me and gave me 2 day's to tear down mo patio. mad an old man of 80 take 7500 from the bank and buy a trailer from him.

He has been telling almost everyone in the park the same thing. Sokme of us are scaried to death. It's not right. 

Jack Dolsen Sales Manager Supatta Phiofuead Ltd Compré un Drone DJI Mavic 2 Pro en internet, pague y nunca lo recibí Manila Manila Translation: I bought a DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone on the internet, paid and never received it Manila Manila

Compuesto en internet por drone DJI Mavic 2 pro, el vendedor se puso en contacto conmigo, me aseguró que en 3 días, lo que en casa y una vez pagado, se perdió y no respondió a los correos ni llamadas a través de whatsapp


Composed on the internet by DJI Mavic 2 pro drone, the seller contacted me, assured me that in 3 days, what at home and once paid, was lost and did not respond to emails or calls through whatsapp

Holly Crumley – Cavaliers by Crumley Holly Crumley – Cavaliers by Crumley – Puppy Mill in Lula Georgia 30554 – Puppy Mill Beware Lula Georgia

Holly Crumley from Cavaliers by Crumley is in Lula Georgia. This is a puppy mill! They have many, many litters of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels year around. They are a commercial breeder with a lot of dogs. She is an AKC breeder and typically has 4 litters of puppies available and advertised on AKC at all times. If you go on her AKC Marketplace page (link below) you can see all of the litters of puppies she has. This breeder is a puppy mill.

Her phone number is (678) 617-7450 and she is located in Lula, Georgia 30554. Her website is: http://www.cavaliersbycrumley.com/contact.html and her AKC page is https://marketplace.akc.org/breeder/cavaliersbycrumley


Quanzhou Tucson Age Security Technology Co., Ltd. Send fake product instead of the original Quanzhou Fujian

They send fake goods instead of the original. This company is a representative of Xiaomi in China, ordered a large batch of AIRDOT headphones, instead of the original they sent fakes. For a very long time they did not want to admit that they were scammers, but they did.

I threw off the original photo and what they sent me. I had to disassemble the headphone and see the processor. The processor turned out to be completely different, a lot of marriage (20%). The company covers itself under the license of Xiaomi and sells fakes.

These are scammers. I paid for the goods immediately, the order was $ 12,850 for headphones. Do not work with this company. These are scammers. 

HandHold Tech Ltd clarke ckennedy [email protected] refuse to give refund. purchase with paypal, who does not handle out of the USA complaints

Advertize one wig and sent one entirely different and refunds entire refund. Would not send repostage to return.

plasterpaintcanada.ca Fraud Website, sends items not as ordered


The website totally fraud, I bought a shoe with $101 and they send me a $5 necklace.

I reviewed the website and found hundreds of customers who got cheated like me, the seller got your money, give a real tracking number so you think its a real deal (while he is buying time) then you receive a very cheap item.

Mostly he is Chinese, from his poor English and from the country he/she shipped from and other reasons.

Seller sends you emails from:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


For all buyers:

You don't need to belive me, just google this website and the email addresses above, you can see other buyers what they experience with.

I'm attaching below some links (not all) what I reviewed/investigated:








Brent Johns Five12Media Five12Media AZ PlanetXploration TX PXLMedia Studios ID IOSFX Oregon Tree Frog Media ID Took money and delivered nothing while ruining our reputation Arizona, Texas, Idaho, Oregon

We hired Brent Johns first to film, edit and distribute our families youtuhe series. Increased his salary 25% for him rebranding the company. He took control and seemed to be on top of things. Had seemingly great ideas and we let him run with things.

Paying each week his salary in advance. We rented him a SUV, paid all expenses for three weeks on the road, we paid to fly entire family in for shoots. He set deadlines and put on the local news that our episodes where going online Sunday five days into our buying week.

Sunday came and went, nothing. Monday came and went nothing. I sent him and email. Letting him know he was messing with my reputation. That he set the deadline. That he needs to set a new deadline he can live with and deliver.

Second week nothing online third week we get a one minute promo and another one minute intro. He puts the promo on at midnight the day of the third week deadline he set. Weird. On the Monday we are supposed to have a "premier" party at my house with all employees, I get an email from the lawyers from Antiques Roadshow.

Seems Brent added two things that he straight up stole from them. We demanded Brent render all work to us before posting. We demanded a copy of first episode on DVD. Since we had paid $1,250 a week plus all expenses on the road and it's been two months we didn't feel it too much to ask.

He quit and we got nothing. We offered to pay his last expenses and he demanded pay for a week he didn't work. He also demanded all rights to my families content which was clearly work product. We dont want his work. Wouldn't go near him for anything.

He slanders past clients and we have all facts and truth plus 1,000s of witnesses who saw Brent on the nightly news telling the world our episode was going on that Sunday. It never did and we kept believing it would and kept paying him. Till it was obvious what was going on.

Deep down I believe he tried. He just doesn't get it. Something is right with Brent and I pray for him. As far as our business, it was a complete loss of time. Now he wishes to publicly slander and defame me and my family. Just very disappointing.