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Twitter wrongfully and unlawfully suspended my twitter account in violation of my First Amendment rights to free speech because I criticized President Trump. San Francisco California

On October 13 Twitter suspended my account because I criticized President Trump for his stupidy in not realizing that he was being played by covorting with dictators and that he should be put in front of a firing squad for the lives that he has caused to be killed. 

Twitter has no problem in allowing Trump to put threatening and violent tweets out against people including suggesting that people should be beaten or executed for treason, and yet when a citizen tweets out that Trump should be subject to execution just as he suggests that people should be subject to execution, Twitter blocks the citizen's account but allows Trump to make threats of violence against people. 

Twitter is clearly unfairly and unlawfully allowing the president of the United States, Trump, to manipulate this social media format for his own political reasons while at the same time penalizing and suppressing the free speech rights of the people as Twitter has just done against me for criticizing Trump. 

Twitter allows Trump to make violent and threatening tweets against people and yet penalizes people for exercising their right to free speech when they criticize Trump. 

Twitter's actions are wrongful and unlawful and Twitter should be investigated by the governing authorities and put out of business for its discrimatory practices and discriminations against people for their political views in violation of the First Amendment.

Remove Tweet. Tweet 1 of 1 Brian Vukadinovich
@motion4justice @realDonaldTrump But there has to be a plan dumba*s. You are the stupidest f**king person on the planet too stupid to realize you are being played by the dictators that you like to cavort around with. You should be put in front of a firing squad for the lives that you have caused to be killed. Oct 13, 2019, 2:48 AM By clicking the above button, you are removing the content of your Tweet and forgoing the option to appeal this violation. Please note that the original content will be replaced with a notice stating your Tweet is no longer available because it violated the Twitter Rules. This notice will be accessible via direct URL and from your profile timeline for 14 days. Learn more. If you think we've made a mistake, submit an appeal to us. Please note that should you do so, your account will remain locked while we review your appeal.

Gold class locksmith zetland nsw Mortdale locksmiths I called the gold class locksmith zetland to unlock one of my doors lower lock.one of the staff came after 30 minutes and he unlocked the door within 3 minutes Sydney NSW

I called the locksmith at around 8pm. He came within 30 mins. He took about 3 minutes to finish the job and it was only one lock that he had to open. When we asked how much he owed us, he stated that it is $440 on card and $400 if paid by cash.

When we asked why the price is so high, he said that it’s after hours and the price is okay. We just want to know if that price is normal. Please respond us if we paid anything more than the normal price. I have the video and the receipt as evidence if I have to provide. Thank you.

Golden Nugget Las Vegas screamed to me in front of my wife and daughter for something I didnt understand las vegas nevada

I want to report a problem in our stay with a employee of the Hotel, Actualy I think he is a employee, because he had no identification on him (see the photo attached)
We stayed at the hotel from 7/21/2019 to 7/25/2019, me my wife and my 10 y.o daughter, our reservation number was 6VVRK, we payed more 50 dollars per day to upgrade to a suite in our arrive.
In the second day we was in the hotel, 7/23/2019 I was at a bar of the hotel that stay outside, in fremont street, Stage bar,  was on july 22, 11:10pm. I was alone, than my wife and daughter arrived, they sit at the chairs with me to see the movement in the street, this employee arrived and said something I didnt understand, Im not american, Im from Brazil, he said to fast and the music was loud, he said and laft.

As I didnt understand I didnt do nothing, than a few minutes later he came back and shouted to me and my family that we cant stay there because my daughter dont have 21 y.o, he was rude and stupid, unpolite in front of everybody, he said that he will ask to a security to remove us from there, when I said I was a guest of the hotel, he said "So what, you think this is such a big sh*t?" 
He has no identification on him, I dont know if he actualy works in the hotel or not, I asked his name and he refused to give me, I said I will complain about him to the hotel and he said he doesnt give a sh*t.
My wife was so upset that we had to leave the hotel and go to another (encore) in the last night.
I have several friends that have trip blogs at the social networks, Ill send them and to others this report, please say that you will do something about it, Im not doing this to recive nothing for free, actualy Ill not come back to this hotel even for free, I just want this guy not to ofend anyone else.

Martha Sanchez from de Casino contacted me offering a free night or two, thats not what I want, I want to know if something was done to the rude stupid person who did it all to me and my family.

Resumewritinggroup.com Horribly written resume, improper verb tenses, repeated words on the same line, misspellings, etc. Cleremont Florida

Please don't waste your time or money on resumewritinggroup.com.

I paid over $225 to have them freshen up my resume and cover letter – and provided them both to go off of for reference. I also I proveded them with the job posting that I was applyiong for, so they could assist in tayloring the resume to the specific position. 

They didn't do anything to taylor the cover letter for the position, in fact – left off the most vital experience that was directly noted as required bythe posting… but the worst part was the actual resume. First of all, they left off half of my home address from the top of each page.  They highlighted the name and address at the top of each page, but only listed the city and state – rendering the information completely useless. How do you miss that error?

The writing of the body was awful as well. They used improper verb tenses, switching from present to past within the same section of the duties. They added key competencies that were nowhere to be found on my provided resume at all, like "insurance renewals"…  

The first line of my current position's duties was:

"Direct day to day operations within a fast-paced environment with a fast-paced environment with a concentration on leading safety and environmental operations"

They said I was "Equipped with a significant level of communication" … what does that mean??

The used very poor grammar, such as "which required providing coaching"

Several other lines included previous job experience that was combined in ways that were confusing or made no sense at all. 

Several lines were copied directly from my resume, and were still wrong.

I had to fix 12 grammar or spelling issues, and had to reword many more areas to correct awkward or confusing grammar, and had to completely re-do the key competency section, so basically I paid over $225 for a new resume template. 

The cover letter had similar issues.

I would only use this service if you have no resume, and have h*o idea how to write one.

I contacted them and asked for a full or partial refund, attached a copy of the resume with notes on all of the errors, and they responded that they will revise it, but don't give refunds.  Why I would want the same person who so ineptly wrote it the first time to CORRECT it is beyond me? 


Alberto Kelson Threaten to Harm Our Website

Email we received:

Name: Alberto Kelson

Email: [email protected]

Subject: your attention needed

Message: I have very bad news for you, if you do not buy my products, I will start building a lot of spam backlinks to kill your website off. I think it is worth just purchasing one of my awesome and cheap products and then you can live with no problems and enjoy revenue from your business. You can buy here https://www.vape-marketing.com I just need to survive and I hope you understand, it is not easy for anyone today. I will wait your purchase. If you want to buy with bitcoin, I send you wallet address. Bitcoin will be better. Thank you!

Kathy efe (NYC model & actor from new Rochelle, NY and Florida) from HITHER AND THITHER ADVENTURES, LLC​​ Kathy Dorothy Kathy Efe is married, owns HITHER AND THITHER ADVENTURES, LLC​​, lives in New York City, New york, she relocsted from new rochelle, new york, and is from west palm beach, florida, actress, fit model, adventurer New Rochelle New york

Kathy Efe Aka Kathy Dorothy from HITHER AND THITHER ADVENTURES, LLC​​ presents herself unprofessionally in public and in business and prefers to sell herself the wrong way rather than professionally present her business.

Kathy Efe aka kathy dority is sensitive with space and her image. Kathy Efe aka kathy dority gets easily irritated and prefers to take up everything. Kathy Efe aka kathy dority tends to selfishly think for herself. She can't do business professionally with anyone.

Kathy Efe is married, owns HITHER AND THITHER ADVENTURES, LLC​​, lives in New York City, New york, she relocsted from new rochelle, new york, and is from west palm beach, florida and relocated from new Rochelle, new York to new York City and is an actress, a fit model, and she travels worldwide. She is around 50 years old at the time of this writing.

Anna Djagharbekian reporting unfair about our service Glendale ca

Anna Djagharbekian came to our store to get her Brazilian Blowout, we have already quoted her about our price.

She accepted and after we finished her, she was so happy and even she left her cup at our store.

One of our team member contacted her about her cup, she said just through it in trash, she cant come to pick it, she said she was so happy from the result, later on she texted she needs to do it again on sides, we told her she can come and do it again, she said that she is going out of town and will be back next month or so.

We dont accept that kind of warrantee, if she is not happy , she must come soon for redo, not next month, because any ways the process lasts three months, these kind of clients usually try to abuse our warrantees and use it as much as they can, we told her she needs to come soon, there for she left a bad comment about our service on social media, we are leaving this report for her behaviour since she tried to hurt us with current system to take advantage of us.

The cost for removing this report is on her if she wants to remove it.

Medical Yogi Valji Bagada Sexual Predator Orange County California

Do not let Valji fool you. He is a liar and a con man who is simply trying to get laid. You do a two hour yoga session, with no water and very little air in the room. You are hot and tired. Then he locks the door and offers to massage you with Sesame oil since you have worked out so hard. You take the massage but the next thing you know his oily hands are inside of you. 

You are appalled and shocked because he comes so highly recommended. Do not believe the hype. Run now, run fast and tell everyone else to run too. 

Booking Dot Com While searching for a certain hotel they switched hotels on me Internet

They refused to return my money because I was under the 24 hour prior cancelation.

when I had just booked it 10 minutes before (for that night)

Booking dot com refused because Hotel ran my card

Hotel refused because they put it on booking dot com

CC refused because I was charged No show for the hotel they swapped me for (unable to cancel because booked for that night)



America One Security N/A Did not get pay! San Bernardino CA

My sister and I met up with a guy named Ramon at Star Bucks in Colton, CA. My sister had the interview but he hired me instead. I kept telling the boss at America One; Ramon I wanted to pick up a check instead of using a Wal-Mart card. He kept on insisting that he didn't know how or who I'd pick my check up from and no one has ever picked up a check. 

I wrote my debit card information down to be paid. Payday came after working Security at Nordstorm. Thursday, Ramon had said he would be 30 mins late could you stay until I get there? I told him ok. Ramon had gotten there at 2:00pm so he was on time.

Ramon then said "I lost my phone, the company phone at the gas station"! I called his phone like he'd asked me to. Went right to voicemail twice. Ramon left and asked me to call the company phone again and asked if I could stay on post. I said ok.  He drove off, I called the Company phone again. 

What sounded exactly like Ramon, "Hello"? I said, "Hello, my boss let his phone at the gas station, is it still there"? (Man on the phone that sounds like my boss) "Oh I tried calling someone but the phone was locked".  (Me) "Oh ok, well is there an address that he can come and pick up the phone"? (Man gives a San Bernardino address and siad he went be there long".

My boss came back, I gave him the information. Ramon asked to use my cell phone to call his girlfriend. He kept saying babe a lot and stating various cities: "Rialto, Ontario"?  As if his girlfriend were going to pick up the Company phone later on that night.

Ramon asked me to text 909-713-9957 and tell his girlfriend that my phone had died while they were talking. So I did. I ended up signing out and went to sign out on the Home base app and saw that Ramon had signed me out through my phone at 2:30pm even though I was there until 2:53pm, the time I had written in the front office at Nordstrom.

I didn't say anything I just left. 12 mins after I had left the Company phone showed up on my Caller ID. I figured the man was telling me he was leaving with the phone.

"Hello"? I answered. "Hello",  Ramon responded.  Confused I said, "hello".  My boss Ramon called asking if his girlfriend had called back. I said no…  I didn't ask him if he had found his phone because I was talking to him on it.  He said he told Nordstorm that the 30 mins overpay was for a meeting but I had already told the front office I was still there because my boss Ramon left his phone at the gas station.

Friday came I went to work. My pay was not on my card. This was recently two Friday's ago.  I called HR.  She said oh it take's up to 2 pay period's when it is direct deposit.  We only get paid twicw a month??? I told her so I won't get paid until the end of the month? "I started September 26th?

"How am I receiving pay at the end of October?"  The women; HR says, "Oh I don't know you have to call this number for that information.

I called the other number to times. No answer. I then called Ramon. He says he'll call her then call me back. He didn't know why she wasn't answering…

I received a phone call to my cell phone. It was the lady I was told to call but on a different number. She told the HR lady didn't know but my money should be on my card by 2:00pm that day. Nothing seemed right so I told the office Ramon would be in and I was leaving.

I had told Ramon earlier on that morning my husband and I had switched cards thinking that I would be paid that day but I wasn't.

It is October 14th 2019 and I still have not been paid.

I texted the boss Ramon twice but no answer.