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Viking Villa Mobile Home Park Bayshore Home Sales This place cultivates horrific living conditions! They phased out the 55 and older community without notice, and continue to raise the site rent for no reason at all. Its a complete rip off and it is morally wrong what they are doing! Ogden UT

This place cultivates horrific living conditions! They phased out the 55 and older community without notice, and continue to raise the site rent for no reason at all. Its a complete rip off and it is morally wrong what they are doing!

Nothing is given to residents! No ammenities! Lazy workers and managers. Drug labs and drug addicts! Parties and drinking all night! Residents own the homes. So what are they paying $615.00 a month for? 

nkdnutrition Very bad customer service. I contacted them and they person who emailed me back was very rude and kept emailing me nkdnutrition.com

Very bad customer service. Very rude and insulting. The person kept telling me not to blame others for my mistake and kept emailing me insulting emails after I stopped communication with them. I wrote a bad review on this website, yet, it never appeared.

Others on Amazon have had bad dealings with this companies customer service. I have never had such bad customer service before where the company blamed me for buying the product. Just bad overall

Kelly Sheppard Wildthingz Savannahs Shipped a sick kitten Windsor California

Buyers Beware of Kelly Sheppard owner of Wildthingz Savannahs.

Kelly Sheppard knowingly and willing shipped a sick kitten to me. I have attached the picture that was taken by Kelly five (5) days prior to shipping, this was the photo attached to his kennel required by Unitied airlines. You can clearly see the kitten had right eye issues prior to shipping.

When the kitten arrived at the airport even the cargo employees saw the kitten was sick with a wattery right eye that was swollen and had the thrid eyelid showing. I took the kitten directly to my vet. I have attached the vet report.

I sent the report to Kelly Sheppard and she wanted a full blood panel done and testing done to find out what was wrong with the kitten and I refused to do so. Kelly Sheppard had NO right shipping a kitten with known issues. It was her responsibility to have testing done prior to shipping to find out what was wrong with her sick kitten. I demanded a full refund and for her to pay return shipping. I have her messages where she admitted thekitten had eye issues prior to shipping him. I was NEVER informed of this.

Kelly Sheppard called me and my vet all kinds of nasty names. She said, "I was a member of the Amish Muffia and that there are assult charges filed against me… SO MANY LIES! She is posting lies about me and the kitten on FaceBook. She is now claiming I extorted money from her… Just more of her LIES. I demanded a full refund including shipping both ways and the vet bills paid. I also told her she should pay me a boarding fee for the 14 days I had to take care of her SICK KITTEN… 

This was all Kelly Sheppard's fault for knowingly and willing shipping me a sick kitten, NOT MINE and I should not have been out any money for her being an irresponsible breeder.

YES 2 COFFEE Facility Vendor Programs/Food & Beverage Platforms PLEASE PLEASE RUN!!! DO NOT WORK FOR THIS SCAM COMPANY!! IN Indianapolis

I was hired on Oct 3 as an Appointment Setter  cold calling Businesses to set appointments for Coffee and Vending Products.  The script was very unprofession written and it sound just like a SCAM upfront.  Mr. Jay the owner/manager allow me to work 17 hours and refuse to pay me.  I work 9:00 est – 3:00 est..,  Mr. Jay  was very much aware of the hours that I was working cause we had discuss it over the phone. 

When it was TIME for me to get paid he question my time zone., but he was aware of what time zone I was in because I made it very clear. Mr. Jay tells me that he's not going to pay me anything before 9:00 PST., although the system shows that I was working. 

Mr. Jay was only trying to pay me for 2 hours out of 17 hours., which I REFUSE TO ACCEPT.  I have tried to reason with him and resolve this issue with no help. Mr. Jay refuse TO pay  me and I still haven't gottan pay until this day.  He owe's $220.00 for the 17 hours that I work. 

Please DO NOT work for this COMPANY.  This man is a SCAM ARTISTS, he's going to allow you to work and REFUSE to pay you.  PLEASE RUN.    I have reported him to my Attorney., My Attorney have contact the Attorney General in ILLINOIS IN.  They are currently investagating him and his company. 

I notify cragslist where he advertise his SCAM JOBS.  Cragslist has FLAGG his ACCOUNT.  I also contact ONLINE SCAMS WITH THE FBI.  They are currently Investaging him to as well.  PLEASE DO NOT WORK FOR THIS MAN OR THIS COMPANY.

Readers Subscription Service Service Center of North America Perfered Media Solutions Renig on gift and wont cancel service. Mobile, Bedford Alabama, New Hamshere

They called me offering subscriptions to 6 magazines for 3 years for $49.90 a month for 3 months.  Plus I get a $200 gift card.

Got a letter saying I owed $49.90 for next 30 months not 3.  Never got a gift card.

Tried to cancel within first week and was told no.  Have several confirmation numbers for a final payment or end of contract but the bills never stop.

Now I have a letter from Pacific Collection Group saying I still owe 874.40.  

Myhertiage Refuse send raw data, ask for more money. Nationwide

I have done business with myhertiage and order dna kit for my mother, the results never came in and raw data. Also sent several email messages to myhertiage and they stated for me to pay them money to answer my questions. 

This company are scammers and they stolen my mother dna results and raw data. They charged my credit card for dna kit, when never received my results of my mother dna also couldnt downloaded the raw data. Bad customer service and rip off.

Sprint Over charged!!

I've paid off my Iphone7 and I was informed that I would have to pay a total of $132.00, after taxes $142.89. I pay a monthly lease of $32.00 that is added to my cell phone bill monthly and I've had this for almost a year if not more.

I've Technically paid an average of almost $400 on this plan towards just the phone itself not the service. If I've already paid that out of my monthly bill I should not have to be charged the additional $32 and taxes to payoff the phone.

This is a rip off being that the IPhone 7 isn't in my possession it was reported stolen and I've changed my service to an IPhone XR and continued to pay. This is horrible service. The customer service chat representative was no help at all and surely didn't care for my concern with this issue, there was no empathy or attempt to reconcile he simply was there to do his 8 hour shift and go.

Flixbus They have vague terms and refused refund despite cancelling before 24 hours California

I booked a bus a few days before departure. I had to cancel and did it few hours after the booking. Their rules were very vague about the cancellation policy, nothing said explicitly that no refund is possible. When I proceed to cancellation there were no warnings that no refunds will be made.

I did and I was told that they only offer vouchers and that this was in their terms I agreed for.  I went back to terms and i didn't find one single sentence saying that no refunds are offered. I believe that there is law in the US that also requires travel companies refund if cancellation was made within 24 hours.

The person who I talked in the customer service wasn't in the US and she sounded extremely rude and condescending. Don't use this company it is scam and ripoff and they treat customers like sh*t!

Water Works Unlimited Inc Water Works – Nightmare Wake Forest NC

I have annual maintenance contract with Water Works. There was leakage in my back-flow. I contacted them to check. And my nightmare starts from there. They gave me an appointment for a time. But they never turned up. I had to email them and call them time and again. But no response.

Finally they get back and gave me another appointment. No one turned up this time either. And the same cycle of follow ups continued. After, constant follow ups finally someone turned up. The guy came in and started talking very rudely, for no reason, I was shocked.

He said that they need $250 for fixing it. Which I agreed. But he said very rudely that first I have to give them check then only they will start the work. I came back with check for $250. Now, this time he says that $250 is not sufficient. They want $350.

Being helpless, I ended up giving check for $350, hoping that my nightmare will end here. Couple of months later my back-flow started leaking again. And the same cycle of followups continued again. Finally the same guy showed up. This time again he was utterly rude right from the moment he came in.

The very first thing he did was, very rudely demanded check for $250, He said that unless he gets check for $250 he will not even look at the back flow. He requested him gently as to why he should charge me again for the same problem for which I have already paid. At that he started yelling at me.

I tried to calm him down. Being helpless, agreed to pay another $250. Then he again yelled at me to bring the check first. To that too I agreed. And I requested him to not be rude. At that he got very angry and said that he is partner of the company, used racial slurs and threatened me.

I was shocked, completely helpless, was considering calling cops. And then all on sudden he sat in his truck and started yelling, threatening with dire consequences and drove away.

TruthFinder.com Scare Tactics to Force you into buying a report San Diego CA

After my divorce and realized that my Ex-Husband had destroyed my credit. I saw a free report listed under truthfinder.com. So, I wanted to check it out and see what else I might not know about since my resume was not working to find me a new job. I was worried that maybe a back ground check was stopping me.

While I was filling out the questions the site was asking a notice shot onto the screen and said that the person I was looking for informtaion for was on a government terrorist watchlist! So, I finished the questions and then the site showed me that I had to pay for this free report. I paid like an idiot and when I got the report all it showed was basic information. Nothing to do with the watch list.

They pray on good people who worry about reputation. I did a scam search too late, and now I have to go to the bank tomorrow and cancel my debit card so that they can't continue to bill me like they have to so many others. If someone goes after this company please let me know.