Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) – Senior Investigator Wayne Vanderlaan OSC, Wayne Vanderlaan, Wayne, Vanderlaan Failure to disclose evidence, tampering and intimidation of witnesses, lying under oath with respect to affidavits, manufacturing a case Toronto Ontario


Wayne Vanderlaan of the OSC charged John Scholz with fraud charges after almost a year of investigation for allegedly creating and running an RRSP strip program. Prior to the arrest Wayne Vanderlaan forwarded his evidence and information to the Director of Trusts at Revenue Canada for his opinion – the end result was that the paperwork all looked in order and he saw no issues. Wayne Vanderlaan did not mention the contradictory opinion of the CRA in his application for an arrest warrant or search warrant – in fact he stated the opposite and made no notes regarding the opinion of the CRA so that there was nothing to contradict him. Furthermore, Wayne Vanderlaan did not provide disclosure of the letter received by him from the Director of Trusts of the CRA summarizing his findings that contradicted his claims.

Additionally, Wayne Vanderlaan tampered with witnesses by threatening them, coercing them into telling his narrative, stopped reversal of transactions as those would contradict his claims, told them lies etc.

This investigator should be criminally charged. He broke the law. All his former, current and future investigations are compromised. If you wish to have any of the transcripts of the witnesses or any other evidence please contact me directly. The scary part is that this investigator teaches investigation techniques.


I will conclude with an excerpt of a transcript from the judge in this case. Please read.