NORAAC Construction Clarence Cheatham was paid 7399 deposit for a roof job and never did any work and won’t refund my money Frisco Texas


I contracted NORAAC Construction working with Clarence Cheatham for a roof replacement, gutters and other items and I gave him the first deposit of 7399 on 6/16/2019. He was supposed to receive 2 payments 1 when roof was completed and the remaining when the job was completed. 

NORAAC was  included in a story on Channel 11 on Aug 29th at 4:15 for companies waiving deductibles and being a roofing company scamming homeowners.

After 3 weeks passed and he had not started any work I asked him to get started.  He stated the windows were still not in and he was waiting for them to come in before he started the work. I asked him to start on the roof then he said he needed more money to start on the roof.  I refused cause he did no work for the money I already gave him so he said he was not going to do the work and would refund me. He said he was going to get a refund for the windows and pay me. I asked for the name of the window company and he refused to give me their information and claims the check they sent was mysteriously lost.  He even lied and said he sold some stock and he hasn't received the money which he was going to use to pay me. 

He has made promises since July to refund me but has not and its now September 7th. I even sent him an agreement for payments and he refused to sign after he asked me to work with him to do an agreement and now he won't respond. We do not have a repayment agreement in place. He ignores my phone calls and emails and he will not pick up the phone when I call.  He responded recently only becasue of the Channel 11 story on the news to ask for the repayment agreement but once again he failed to be a man of his word and honor once again another agreement he made to make payments.

Clarence Cheatham is a con artist  and cannot be trusted. He clearly is not as big a company as he claims to be on his website and definitely has cashflow issues.  DO NOT USE NORAAC they will steal from you and lie and they definlty will not honor any agreements they make. 

NORAAC Construction is also not in good standing with the State of Texas and this company is inactive and in forfeiture status with the state and does not have liability insurance nor are they bonded.  Stay away from this company.  Their account is flagged in Little Elm and Frisco and prohibitted from getting permits to perform work. This company is a FRAUD.