Networx Systems, Inc. Consumer’s Original Complaint: They have Not been sending ME the right people, nor Proper Referrals for Just A Simple Electrician who Can Take A Credit Card and Offer A Free Estimate, Period! Atlanta Georgia


2535 Hauser Boulevard Los Angeles, California  90016      Tuesday, January 28th, 2020      c/o Mr. Steve Storch,  Chief Executive Officer,  NETWORX SYSTEMS, INC. AND/OR NETWORX SYSTEMS, LLC 3399 Peachtree Road NE Atlanta, Georgia  30326   (888) 612-8043        Regarding:  2535 Hauser Boulevard, Los Angeles, California  90016   Regarding:  Very Back Room Of The House On The 1st Floor, Right Hand Side (Enter From The Left Side Driveway Of The Blue House)     

Dear Mr. Steve Storch and/or Networx Systems, Inc. and/or Networx Systems, LLC Executive:        Good Morning or Good Afternoon to You!      How is your day today in sunny Atlanta, Georgia and/or wherever else You are in the World?        My day is going fine, thank you, except due to the Fact that I Believe that there has been some Miscommunication In My Request For Some Light Electrical Help In One Of My Rooms Of My Home!     

Moving Right Along:  I just have a room that has some Electrical Wall Outlets that are just Not Working Properly and/or at all and just need to be fixed/replaced.      That Is All!  Very Simple!       I have been receiving Messages from Multiple Electricians that do Not Even Know What I Want and are just Driving ME Nuts!      

I Think We Just Need To Start All Over With You Right From The Beginning And Do The Research Again On Bringing ME Exactly What I Want!    Can You Therefore Please Just Send ME Over A Simple, Proper CSLB Licensed Electrician For A FREE Estimate Who Can Fix/Repair Some Wall Outlets In My Back Room That Are Not Working Properly and/or At All That Do Accept Visa Credit Cards!  

Please Note:  You Had Sent ME Out At Least One (1) Electrician Who Does Not Accept Credit Cards And I Am Not Interested!   Got It?     They Must Accept Credit Cards, Period!     Furthermore, I Have A Very Nice Friend Staying In My Room Where The Electrical Wall Outlets Are Malfunctioning And Her Name Is Deborah Walker-McGraw And She Will Gladly Show Your Electrician The Wall Outlets That Need Desperate Repairs. 

She Can Therefore Be Reached On Her Cellular Phone Number At:  (310) 654-???? or by Email At:  [email protected]  & [email protected]  Please Have Your Licensed CSLB Electrician(s) Contact Her For An Appointment To See Her Wall Outlets!  Thank You. 

 If You would like to contact ME back directly, then I can be reached via Texting/Voicemail At:  (323) 305-4544.     You Can Also Email ME Back At:  [email protected]       I am more than looking forward to hearing back from You with a Positive Response some time in the very near future.    

Thank you for Respecting The Customer's Wishes!      

Sincerely yours,               

Howard Paul Shore Potential Networx Systems, Inc. And/Or Networx Systems, LLC Customer       /HPS

Enclosure:  Please See The Attachments For A Copy Of The Company's Response Letter Back On Thursday, February 6, 2020 For Your Reference And Further Review. 

Thank You.  

PS:  The Customer Is Always Right!  

UPDATE:  On Thursday, February 6, 2020, the company Responded To My Complaint that I had sent out to the Better Business Bureau in which I have enclosed in the attachments.  They Like To Lie A Lot!  They Failed To State That A Woman Who Had Contacted ME From Their Corporate Office Was Very Rude And Controlling During The Conversation and Would Not Let ME Speak! 

Furthermore, The Company Also Denied The Fact That She Had Called ME On The Phone and Then They Turned Around The Story And Said That I Was The Rude One!  What A Bunch Of Strange Hypocrites!   Another Strange Thing That They Told ME Was That They Illegally Went Into My Social Media And Read My Truthful Reviews That I Have Written About Many Company Experiences, Both Good And Bad! 

This Was A Total Invasion Of My Privacy By The Way!  Please NOTE:  They Had Tried To Say That It Was Wrong When One Right About Being An American Citizen Is The "Freedom Of Speech And Expression" which was written by our Founding Fathers In The Second Amendment  Of The United States Constitution.   Final Thoughts:  Who The Hell Would Want To Be Their Customer Anyway?   Final Thoughts:  They Sound Like A Bunch Of Nasty Red Necked, Republicans!