Network Telephone Services NTS This Company Sends Sexual Material to Minor Children InternetWoodland Hills, California


So I open the mailbox today and I find a letter looking like an advertisement addressed to my minor child today, so I'm like who the hell markets to kids. I look at the return address and the envelope reads BABE.COM/FEVER. I'm like WTF my kids like 14 years old. I open the envelope and inside is a warning envelope stating the envelope contains sexual material and should not be opened by minors and just to remain sort of within the law, the envelope quotes a couple of U.S. Codes (Statutes/Laws) just to cover these scumbags asses. So I look up some of the addresses and finally come up with a place called Network Telephone Services (Hmmm, a sex line just like the ones in the sexually explicit ads in this here envelope) Now hears the clincher, the material has this guy Robert Tanners name, but convienently no phone number for him. Needless to say, I tracked that down too. Funny thing is if you go thru the directory searching for him, you wind up with a female with the same last name. So I ask for this guy and she starts asking me for information about me….Yeah, nice try lady. So I give her my sons name and address and advise her that I will be retaining said sexually explicit material including all envelopes, etc and if I receive another one, I will be forwarding them to my local FBI office. Considering they do not appreciate putting porn into the hands of children. The lady is this guys wife. I guess these two run this little s**t operation together. After I hang up, I google this place and I find out they also run another guise as a place called Spectrum Billing which is a so called collection agency for….you guessed it s**t phone lines, so what they do is get this material into the hands of children around the age of puberty, the kids call and maybe if they can, get their jollys off, then the bill collectors sock it to poor ole mom and dad. Well, Mr. and Mrs. Tanner (if that's even either of your real names, I'd be packing up for an extended vacation if I were you both in some nice warm non-extraditable country and pray that you don't try this scam and mess with childrens heads down there because while you might hide from the Feds here in the states, some of these other countries will lynch your deviant asses publicly, however both of you can also choose to stay in the states and we'll give you an all expense paid vacation (each of you – seperately of course) in a nice warm and cozy jail cell with all the rippers, rapists and child molesters who will all great you with open arms and oil you both down for easy entry when you drop that there bar of soap in the shower at the federal pen. I'll be stopping next town over tomorrow to see the federales and drop off your material, provided to my minor child in the morning. Hop you like plane rides, I hear the real Con-Air isn't anywhere near as good as in the movies and gee to think niether of you will get to meet Nick Cage either. Bon Voyage!!!