Netspend Won’t answer phone or respond to emails so I can resolve issue with account that is locked relating to a prepaid debit card that I loaded $500 on to several days ago.1 Austin Texas


I purchased a prepaid netspend card and loaded $500 on it while traveling in Montana recently. When I tried to activate/register the card online I received a message stating my identity could not be verified with the information I provided and that I needed to call and speak with a customer service representative in order to resolve the issue.

When I call the number and enter the card info it says it's going to patch me through to a live operator but then it just starts all over and wants me to re-enter everything and when I do it just does the same thing again. I've tried doing the phone verification link and have sent emails all to no avail. Now when I try to sign in to my account through the netspend app it says it's locked as well.

This has been going on for 5 days now and needs to be resolved as I need the money to pay Bill's and am currently laid off do to the Coronavirus outbreak. Please tell me how to resolve this as soon as possible please!