Navtool Sell products that don’t work, and refuse return Staten island New york


This is the worst company you will ever deal with! It is a full fledged scam. He sells you products that will not work for your vehicle Then refuses to give you a refund without a 25% restocking fee. Then when you leave a bad review he send you an email saying warranty voided on a product you've never hooked up.

If you tell him you're going to get the credit card company involved he refund your money. And gets a Collection agency saying you didn't pay, And refuses to give you an RMA to send it back and will not accept packages without an RMA.

His website shows in a plus with the BBB However if you go to the BBB's website and put in navtool you will find he has a F. Everything about this company is a scam I don't understand why they haven't shut him down yet, and put him in jail.