National Processing Review 611 Pennsylvania Ave., S.E. #1400 Washington, D.C. 20003 The outside of the letter “warns” it’s their “final notice” regarding my mortgage. Washington D.C.


I'm not reporting nearly so much as I am describing.  The warning on the ouside of the envelope is funny, considering I just paid off my house.  The warning reads, (in all caps) "Attention: Final Notice  Information about your mortgage."  The google map shows THE actual address — a UPS store, with postal boxes inside.  Row after row; column after column of little bronze colored doors, each needing nothing but a key. 

These people don't have an office at all.  1400 is nothing but the number of a box in a wall.  And "Pennsylvania Ave., Northwest" (where the White House is) is miles from "Pennsylvania Ave., Southeast" (where this scam artist is).  I wish I could post a picture of it, here, but check out the street level view.  The best view isn't simply from the street — it shows the inside of a UPS store, located at 611 PA Ave. SE in Washington DC.