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I met her through a closed FB group (((REDACTED))). I have a dog as well. She is the admin of this page and sets up meetups. I went to a meetup and we became really good friends. She complained to me she didn’t have money or enough to buy her dog clothing and wanted to borrow some, I agreed.

She never returned the clothing and I see her dog wearing my dogs clothing in her posts. When I went to another meetup she sold me some dog harnesses that were brand new. She asked for $50 per harness, when I searched the brand online I saw later that the harnesses were only in the 30 dollar range.  She admitted to me she breeds her dog even though she has limited AKC for extra money.

I also believe she is an escort on the side to make ends meet as she explained to me she meets men for dinner and they pay her to be a companion. I don’t think these men are paying for dinner. This is one of the reasons her marriage fell apart multiple times. I feel sorry for her young children. She convinced me to buy her timeshare but when I tried to go on vacation they told me there were no points.

She ripped me off for thousands of dollars and I am writing this report in the hope it saves another person from being her victim. I also believe she is mentally ill and need some help or medications.