MSPY Claims to work with IOS but requires jailbreak or 2fa removal, still doesn’t work


After viewing the website, I decided to sign up for their service which purported to allow me to monitor my child's iphone for texts, contacts, web browsing, phone calls, apps etc.  I paid them $169.99 for a one-year subscription.  Only after they had my money did I learn that their service requires you to turn off 2 factor authentication by signing up with a different apple id or "jailbreak" your iphone. 

I spoke with their chat support on 4 occasions and followed their instructions to the letter only to discover that their servers were not keeping up with the volume of records.  It has been weeks since I signed up and there is still no information from my child's phone.

Their suggestion was to extend my subscription for free.  However, this does me no good if their service does not work.  I am disputing my charge.  Save yourself the headeache and avoid mspy!