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Suit fitment is Off the rack general fit. Beyond poor fitment
Cheap low quality material faded colours
Missing stitching some pockets had holes in them.
Charged full price and did not deliver accurate products

This is a genuine review to educate existing or potential customers of Mr. Kaizen Image Consulting Services.

I transacted with Kassius Denizen, the owner, of this business. We found his business on Google. The Google review page for his business had 12 reviews of which the average score was 4.7 stars. He came across as the most genuine and professional person to deal with.

He promptly booked our first appointment and scheduled another date February 9th, 2019 to take measurements for a custom Tuxedo for my wedding on June 2019. My father also ordered a custom suit from here for my wedding. All products were supposed to be made with custom tailoring, custom fabrics, buttons and inner stitching, as agreed on this date.

My tuxedo package was to include a custom tuxedo, a custom shirt and a custom accessory kit, for which Kassius charged me upfront. My father came to see him on March 23rd and paid in full for a custom tailored suit and a custom shirt. All my groomsmen also placed orders here per custom suit. Total cost for the party approximately 6,000 CAD.

He took our measurements and provided a 6 to 8 week estimate for our suits to be ready for pick up. We had arranged our first fit-on for June 2nd. Kassius Denizen text messaged me a day before to let me know that the suits were not ready because of an issue with the material we had selected.

We rescheduled for June 9th. All groomsmen, myself and my father came for our fit ons and then submitted alterations to Kassius. At this point he did not have our shirts ready. He informed me that shirts had the wrong buttons and they needed to be sent back. Offered all groomsmen a free custom shirt for the delay. We received in August, 2019 with HOLES in them behind the collar, etc.

Kassius then asked us to come by and that everything was ready. We came to see him and the shirts were not ready. Again, he said wrong buttons. He mentioned to my father that his suit was not ready, 3 hours before he confirmed it was and asked both of us to come down.

He arrived at my home 2 DAYS BEFORE THE WEDDING to deliver the suits all groomsmen jackets, my fathers, and my tuxedo jacket did not have inner stitching. The material used for my dads suit was not what we had paid for. The material for the groomsmen suits was not what we ordered. The buttons were incorrect. We had consistently informed Kassius Denizen that suits will be needed well in advance to ensure proper fitment.

Be very weary of this business I cannot stress this enough. When we looked for a suit supplier on Google, ALL Necessary research was done. We read many reviews of Mr.Kaizen Consulting, Almost all were positive and the negative reviews were BURIED within many non substantial positive reviews.

This is the most unprofessional experience I have ever come across. No regard for a client’s time, no attention to detail and customer service was below average. Not once did Mr. Kaizen apologise for the mistakes, When a mistake was made, his reasoning was they are just not ready after you had informed your clients three hours prior to the appointment that EVERYTHING WAS READY? This happened 4 times in total. He has yet to provide compensation or a resolution for this intolerable experience.

If you ever come across this page on Google, I ask you to promptly pass by without giving any thought to proceeding with an order from Mr. Kaizen Image Consulting Services. This is also NOT A REGISTERED BUSINESS on the Better Business Bureau. BEWARE