Money Metals Exchange Money Metals Depository Breach of Contract called me a liar and a fraud Eagle Idaho


The process of purchasing a larger quantity of precious metals from Money Metals Exchange is more trouble than it is worth. If you purchase more than $1000 from them you have to pay by check. I purchased physical metal from them on 1/20/2021 and they still had not posted either of the checks as of 2/10/2021. After the first check went “missing” I offered to pay via ACH on 2/1/2021. I was told by Clint and Michelle that they would not accept ACH because it would be fraudulent and is against their policy. They will make NO exception for any payment issue.

I willingly gave them personal information to verify that I am who I say I am and they still refused to take payment via ACH. They refused to resolve the problem unless I paid by wire transfer at the cost of $30. So, I sent the second check on 2/4/2021. I made contact with Michelle and Clint again because the check had not cleared on the fifth working day 2/10/2021. I live 4 hours away from Eagle Idaho and confirmed with the post office that there is no way it would take that long to arrive. I also spoke with my local post office yesterday 2/10/2021 to find out what may have happened and they explained that it is unlikely for 2 pieces of mail to go missing. They had no explanation of why this would happen. I do not know what happened to the mail but I did send out 2 checks and would not waste my time here or anywhere else otherwise. 

I filed a complaint with the BBB in order to resolve the issue and make payment via ACH. This sparked them to liquidate my account and breach their contract. I was called a liar by Clint and he suggested that I am committing fraud by requesting to pay by ACH. I also have an email string stating the same, and also contains a picture of the check and envelope sent on 2/4/2021. I called my Credit union to cancel both checks and was informed that payment by check is more suceptible to fraud than ACH. Conveniently the check arrived the day after (2/11/2021) they liquidated my account because I had put stop payments on the checks that had “disappeared”. They refuse to make any resolve to customer issues and use a system that is more susceptible to fraud. They will breach contract with you so be carefull if you decide to purchase from them.