Molly Maids of Southern Sonoma County Molly Maids of Sonoma County Molly Maids of Petaluma House cleaners Stole property and company illegally put charges on authorized credit card we told them not to use Petaluma California


We hire Molly Maids in Petaluma, CA to clean our house on Friday, August 23, 2019. That evening when we got home we noticed some things missing: expensive perfume, old bracelet, IPAD, pair of men's sunglasses, and a gold watch. I called their location on Monday, August 26th to report that this happened.

The man who answered identified himself as the owner and said that in the "3 years the staff has worked for him, he's had no issues with theft and therefore nothing should have been stolen" I told him "what does time have to do with it and told him that I am filing a police report" which I did. Shortly after the phone call I got a text from my bank saying my credit card had just been charged $390.10 to Molly Maids.

I was told that we were NOT to pay until we got called with the total since they did not know how long our cleaning would take place. Furthermore, I was told initially that I only needed to provide a credit card number ONLY to hold the appointment spot and that under no circumstances would it be charged that it was just to hold the appointment spot.

When I called the owner back again upset and told him what had happened his reply was you pay by credit card." I told him he never "got my authorization to use my card number" and then he hung up on me.