Modis Government Perspecta Inc Jerome T Nicholas Lira Jeremy Ray Shady deceptive and illegally reataliotary Agencies serving as government vendors Burlington Massachussets


I was contacted and told to eagerly provide information to these agencies when they clearly saw that I was well qualified and skilled to the most for their positions. Still, they phished lots of information about other agencies, talked nonsenscically and maliciously about their goovernment clients. After wasting plenty of time in just jerking me around they dissapeared in the woodwork with all the helpful info provided. Essentially this costed me valuable time, pay as well as valuable references as they ratted a protected stratus to other clients in the campaign to sabotage my career.

For government services vendors, these folks are highly adept at violating some of the very basic rules against reataliation against employees who have reported violations, corruption and fraud. To add insult to injury, thiese agencies clearly take a valid complaint and nefareiously retaliate against such individuals by bat-and-switch or by simply phiching for more information and then sabotaging the whistleblower protectees' career.

While denial of employment retaliation based on a whistleblower complaint is protected by law, these rogue agencies and their managers engage in a brazen frat-house conduct that deserves the attention of the highest lawmakers in this country – a copy of this coimplaint accompanied with documents has been submitted to the inpector general's office