Mike Beech (assumed name?) Scott McClellan (real name); another person of interest, is Mike Beech (his real name?) advertises on Craigslist and roommates(dot)com and possibly other sites, to purportedly rent out his abandoned/vacant home that he used to live in, and now is working out-of-state, so he needs to rent his house out for a reasonable price.. THIS IS A SCAM! All Cities


These are most likely fictional entities, but the name he gave out was: Mike Beech, in one reported instance, his phone number changed a couple of times when the original phone number was blocked. In any case, the defining indentifier for these house renting scams, as personally experienced now by multiple people across the country, is, that, they, the owner is now living out-of-state due to a job assignment, and they just need to rent out their home at an affordable rate.

When pressed for ID, they will provide one that most likely does not match the address they are (purportedly) working from. When pressed to prove ownership of said Property for rent, they will provide a (altered) deed of records from said county that property is located in, however on close examination, one can see the cleverly, (but convincingly) edited owners name; when pressed further they will claim the official records on file is not correct because of original "*Native American" rights to ownership (*in some cases); When pressed about different address in ID card they claim all sorts of reasons/excuses for why this is so.

In any case they keep on demanding more money for/on deposit before they will send the keys out to perspective tenant via FedEx. Convincingly, they will send a photo of someone packaging some keys up into a FedEx package for you, when, and soon as, you will only send ONE MORE sizable amount of rental deposit monies!

Furthermore, their excuse for having to ask for more money, is typically be because there is, (as they subtly suggest) an intimidating property share holder (hanging out in the background) that does not agree to the rental lease terms they have already sent and signed for you. If you don't respond, they will continue to say they just want to have someone to live in their vacant property; they may also be wanting to rent out only several rooms, plus they may have a sob story, or two, about how they cannot find good reliable renters, thus appealing to your trusting personality.

Once, they give you the MoneyGram information, they then may claim the recipient has had an emergency and cannot receive your money, and so as not to delay you as a renter, they now want you to send the money, with for example; Google play cards, which when you purchase, they want you to send them the scratched off codes/numbers so they can cash them.

In addition, any of the cash apps typically used by consumers, probably will not work for them, (because presumably, they have been red flagged by such App masters from previous complaints); They will then request monies through all sorts of normal and novel money transfer venues, even through a standard bank transfer, all of which propaganda, is designed to make them appear as normal honest decent brokers.

They will also accuse you of not trusting them when you question then at all, claiming that they are honest, too old or go to church and all other such tactics to make themselves appear normal! They will also, often, appear quite busy, and not respond to you in a timely manner, and, with busy noise in the background quickly apologize for not getting back to you; at other times, they will respond quickly and even press you to hurry up so there is no delay in getting the keys to your house; also, they will act tired and annoyed that this has been such a hassled process, and thus they just want to expedite the process of getting the hoyse keys to you as quickly as possible.

They will talk on the phone, to you as well, adding credibility to their trustworthiness, and repeat the same mantra of how they would NEVER rip you off, and they could/would NEVER take your money and run as they are too honest to be a scam! Furthermore, upon examination, the house may be in disrepair, and when informed of this, they may say they will get it fixed, which may be delayed, but they have all kinds of excuses why, or, they may even send out a foot soldier out to do minor and hurried repairs on the home to lend credibility for their ownership and concern of said home!

In summary, there is no lack of novel and totally fabricated documents and blatant lies they will throw at the perspective tenant in order to try and extort monies from the same. Just, beware.. IT IS ALL A SCAM..!!!)))))