Metz Roofing and Painting New roof leaks, roofer gives runaround! Urbana Ohio


Bought a new roof at going rate.

I won't mention that the nails used were so long that they all punctured through my soffit on the garage.  I never even complained about that.

Maybe a year after the roof on had a heavy rain and the chimney leaked.  After much hassle and my starting a small claims case, he came out and reflashed chimney.

Year or two later in heavy rain the entire dormer wall step flashing leaked water all down the wall in my garage.  Roofer didn't respond to repeated calls.  I added a piece of flashing at the peak thinking it might help.  It did-so I thought.

So here I am maybe six years in- had a torrential rain few weeks ago and both the dormer and the chimney leaked.  Water running down my wall onto my fuse boxes!!!!

Contacted roofer through better business bureau and he is blowing me off acting like it lasted all this time.  Better Business Bureau is acting like I paid this guy $7000 for a roof that was supposed to leak everytime it rains really hard.

Our cities offer little recourse to people like us.  They know I got robbed.  I don't know why my gov't wants to make it impossible to get recourse.  I mean, I'd have to take a week off work, hire experts that don't want to testify against their fellow tradesmen, document all kinds of stuff, file papers with the court and go to hearings even to get a chance to recover losses from something that anyone would know isn't right.

I really blame this kind of stuff on the gov't.  They know it costs you more to get recourse than what it is worth.  They try to make it look like they are pro justice, but they are not.  The businesses are getting professional consulting- and they are well aware that you have no resonable recourse at your disposal.

You get ripped off because your gov't facilitates it.  The Better Business Bureau is nothing but an advertising agency for local businesses.  They are beholden to crooks.

Metz Roofing scammed me out of my money and leaves me nothing but to invest thousands more after I already paid for a roof.

Our gov't leaves consumers with no cost effective recourse.

Crooks prevail in The Roman Empire