Meritage Homes Corp Meritage Homes Meritage Consistent Problems Prior to 1 year, Yet no response az Buckeye


We purchased our home in May of 2018,  We have continually complained about a problem with the carpeting (Berber) which continues to unravel. They have had 4 different contractors out each one saying  yes their is a problem but they cannot do anything about it.  That it is a "Pet" issue. 
We didn't have cat's until almost six months after we moved into the home, and we advised them of this issue prior to the cat's even coming to live with us. 

The carpeting is literally showing every single SEAM, at every doorway into closets, bedrooms, the middle of our loft, middle of our master bedroom, the middle of the hallway and at every doorway it is fraying.  The last guy that came out said "They didn't install it correctly. But I don't know what to do"  

Our Air Conditioning system does not work correctly.  In a 2900 sq ft house we have a 4 ton HVAC system.  Which would be great except our son's room is consistantly 4-6 degrees hotter than the loft less than ten feet away.  The two girls bedrooms upstairs are always 2-3 degrees hotter than the loft, and lastly the master bedroom can alternate between hotter or colder.  They continue to say that the system is running in spec and that it has no issue. 

It is very frustrating that we continually try to contact, but get pushed off.  We still have other minor issue such as drywall cracks at the edges of the windows and the grout that they "Touched up" two months ago, is again cracking.  But it seems as though everything falls on deaf ears.