Mega Firearms USA Danny Rickson Danny James Mena Willaims Took money and ran Garden City KS


Ordered a part and all seemed legit. Even got tracking no. But sent by EMS, which is usually for intl. That should have been a red flag. Then it was delayed for insurance, and they insisted i pay for it. They said there was some “law” requiring this. Since I was eager to get the part, I agreed and paid $230 to insure a $150 item (I know I know).

They even said $200 would be refundable. Orig deliv date before the insurance issue was Jan 6 2021. Well now Feb 11 and no sign of the item, and they’ve stopped responding to my texts and emails. AVOID AVOID AVOID!!! Gonna file a police report, tell FTC, FBI everybody …

Another red flag, early on their web showed their physical location in San Francisco, and now it’s some gas station in Kansas.