McSlagle Contracting Jason McSlagle DO NOT USE THIS CONTRACT COMPANY Columbus Ohio



I received a couple of quotes from different companies and he was the highest in price but I was fine with this since I wanted to make sure the quality was there. The project was to convert an office into a closet, rewiring electric in that space and removing a door.

I WOULD NOT recommend using this company. I met him and he seems like a nice guy but I was taken advantage of. I was blown away over the lack of detail and sloppy work. I paid top dollar and the wall is crooked, he reused trim that I already had, he didn't have to paint (I was having another company do this) and they did not haul away debris. These things were all things that he quoted a charge for. Along with the poor work he charged me for paint, trim and debris removal which he did none of those things.

I paid this person the FULL amount dispite the issues because I don't want it out there that I didn't pay him, but I asked that he do the right thing and make the work right and he just doesn't respond. 

Please see photos on this report. I wish I would have taken a photo of the entire wall so you could see how curved it is. Also, this is a NEW BUILD condo in the $1M price point. There are no structural issues unlike the photos make it look due to the poor work.