Matthew Spickler Jenelle Spickler Queen’s Boutique Crook Spickler They scammed me out of my money by selling silver bars and not delivering Rancho Santa Margarita California


Matthew Spickler sells silver bars and coins on FB and then takes the money and does not deliver the items.  His wife, Jenelle Spickler, has the money funneled into her PayPal business account, Queen’s Boutique, never to be seen again.

 I feel sorry for their children growing up learning the ropes from the folks only to start another generation scamming good people.  I am sure, Kayden, will follow in the Scumbag dads footsteps just because I’m sure dad will get lazy or will be in jail and tell the boy to get to work.  

Mom will still be funneling the funds.  Jenelle has a get rich quick business selling $5 junk so taking from others to make ends meet is justified in her mine.