Luxe Luxury Labels Luxe Held my merchandise hostage. Armonk New York


The co-owner Lisa Dorsett is a terribly vulgar and unprofessional woman. After consigning over $7,000 worth of items, from Gucci, Prada, Valentino to Rebecca Taylor, in Oct 2019 and having a $2700 Prada dress sold for a little over $400 and getting a 40% commission from that — I requested the remainder of my consignment back. I was first ignored via email, then told the email wasn’t received, then yelled at and told my expensive clothing and shoes would be thrown into the street and I could retrieve them there.

When I verbally defended myself, Lisa told me (she called yelling at me), “We don’t want your cheap stuff anyway and no one likes you!” I barely know this woman and advise ALL to consign your items online with Real Real. They overcharge and under sell here. Plus you must deal with a narcissistic bully. Not worth the headache.