Larry Oconnor Randy O’Connor Barbara G. Cruz Scammer and fraud Billings Montana


last September Larry O'Connor contacted me from Hotsprings Airport in Montana.  He told me he had a consignment box and I told,no, not interested.  He then said for nominal fee $300,to his secretary Barbara Cruz.  Larry was coming to state,where I live., Got stopped by authorities now needed"$7500.  

Told him to,forget it, I did not have that kind of money.,,we continued to text.  Developed a close friendship.  12/14 he had open hear bypass surgery.  Then told me he was readmitted to,hospital that cells from surgery caused plagues narrowing blood flow, treated with Meds and asked  for financial help,  I inquired why didn't his insurance pay for that or his family to help him and he responded that he already done that that he needed some help so I sent  $500'to his secretary on 1/31/2020.

 When I did not hear from him on Feb 2nd (2 days) checked with the airport and they had no knowledge of him.  Nothing at hospital and address given was 910 Burlington Ave was not his real home. FBI says he is a fraud and scammer