Keoni Gummies Wellness Brand RT A Toal Scam Covington Kentucky


These so called wonder gummies do nothing . What do you expect from Mr Wonderful and his gangs of con artists . I suffer from Tinnitus and Arthritis pain and aches . When I saw the ad for these stating QUOTE ” Our Gummies will give Instant Relief from Tinnitus ” and other pain . So I bought three bottles of 800 mg. Ones . Well needless to say they do nothing.

I have taken 3200 Mgs of these Placebo”s and nothing , no relief . I read a hundred reviews and all of them say these are so great blah blah bla…….I don’t know where or who writes these reviews but trust me , they are baloney . That’s what I love about America …….You can Rip Off anyone and get away with it . This is the new America …….R.I.P. Off everyone and let God sort them out . Don’t buy them …….