Katarina Phang Fraudster scam


Katarina Phang teaches "feminine energy" but acts masculine and toxic herself. If you criticize any of her "teachings" on her fb page she will attack you , gaslight you and verbally abuse you. She targets vulnerable not so bright women to sell her products. Anyone strong with a brain will see what a hoax and scam she is.

She is a psychopath cult leader and not a relationship coach with any credentials. Succesfull relationship coaches like Matthew Hussey have their own TV programs and are interviewed regularly by media. Katarina Phang does YouTube videos from her kitchen. She advertises herself as having thought dozens if not hundreds of women how to "get married".

Yet all "testimonials " are from fake profiles with a picture of a wedding ring hand. She is near 50 but not married herself. She teaches women to get high value alpha men yet her own man is a total beta employed by her. Do not waste your time of money listening to this witch she is full of bile and toxicity.