JP’s Construction Joe Pagano Gave a price, took money, wans’t capable of doing the job so “sold the job” to someone else who expected more money. Manahawkin


I contracted Joe Pagano from JP's construction in Manahawkin, to dig out a driveway and grade the side and backyards. I was given a price. He and his worker Hugh came out, worked for a few hours, wanted some of the money, then no further work was done. He blamed all the issues on Hugh.

Realizing that his "no job too big" statement was untrue and he was not capable of doing the work, he "sold" the job to another, legitimate contractor telling them that they would be getting an amount of money from me that was well above what I was originally quoted, but didn't discuss this with me.

So the new guy comes out and does a great job, then tells me what he is owed according to Joe Pagano – has the messages from Joe to prove it. Joe Pagano denied this and just outright lied to both of us. He ripped off the other contractor and myself. He should be avoided at all costs. He is not a good business person and is untrustworthy and a liar.