John D’Angelo, Outdoor Kitchen Outlet John D’Angelo Jr. – Caveat Emptor, Buyer Beware! Cape Coral Florida


Do not fall victim to John D'Angelo (a k a John D'Angelo Jr.) and his company, Outdoor Kitchen Outlet ( If you hire him/his company, you'll be setting yourself up for a huge liability if one of the workers he brings in (not staffers, BTW – sub contractors he hires for minimal money) gets hurt while on your job. No Workmans Compensation! Imagine the potential lawsuit you'd be exposing yourself to if one of those workers he hires off the street gets seriously hurt while working on your property (broken wrist, arm, ankle, leg – for example). You could be setting yourself up for potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in liablility. 

Please check this guy out! Do not sign a contract without doing complete due diligence! Don't fall into the trap of being complicit with this "fake it till you make it" poser. He is not who he says he is. Ask him about who will be working at your home if you hire him; ask to see his certificates of insurance, documentation of federal tax withholding records for people who work for him, ask to see his business license(s). Ask him why, if he's such a great outdoor kitchen builder, he only has five recommendations in Google reviews. Then ask yourself why you should do business with this man. 

Buyer beware! I implore you to find as much background information on this guy and his business as you possibly can.