Joe Chihuahua Joe P Chihuahua • Joe Chihuahua • Jose Saul Chihuahuasalinas • Salinas Jose Saul Chihuahua • Jose Saul Chihuahua • Jose P Chihuahua • Jose S Chihuahua • Chihuahua Jose Ripped off for TWO service calls! Villa Park CA


This slob wasted several hours of our time providing advice for him to hire someone else to do the work incorrectly!  We sent him a bill, he ignored, we called, text, emailed and finally made contact where he began threatening my staff on the phone.  BEWARE Joe Chihuahua aka Jose Chihuahua!  He expects free advice and apparently expects us to work for free too!

I wouldn't recommend walking I'd RUN as fast as you can if he calls you to do work for him.  He's stupid, doesn't listen, wants to argue and doesnt pay!