IndieReader Amy Hedelman Unprofessional Service, Objectivity Non-Existent, Depends Upon Mood Reviews Montclair New Jersey


Amy pretends to be some significant player in the self-publishing book industry, but she is really just an individual with a web site with a few reviewers.  Her book promotion service includes running a book Award program. 

It is the most expensive book award program in the industry and you get NOTHING for the $175, except MAYBE some unprofessional reviewer reading some portion of the book and giving their utterly subjective opinion (if it tickles their fancy for the day, then you will get a good review, if not, oh well).  When providing a horrible review based completely on the reviewers 'feelings' about the book; and challenged about the unprofessional nature of the review and it's lacking any objectivity; Amy's response is "we don't provide objective reviews, but rather subjective ones". 

She seems utterly unaware of the nature of objective versus subjective and could care a less that her reviews make no effort at all at being fair, balanced or objective.  A worthless service that takes advantage of people's desperate desire to get their independently published book a good review or some good promotional exposure.  This should not be ANY indie publishers' choice for book promotion!