Huetiful Salon Chicago Huetiful Salon Ripped off Black Women On The South Side Of Chicago Chicago Il


HONEST REVIEW: DO NOT SUPPORT THIS BUSINESS! I visited this Salon back in November for the first time. When I called to schedule an appointment today, I was surprised by the name change at the location. I was very very confused. I decided to stop in so I could comprehend exactly where my money would go. A Stylist (who'll remain anonymous) explained to me how the owner of Huetiful didn't pay the rent and was evicted in August. He didn't even have the courage to sit down with them and address why the Salon was "closing".

The owner of Curl Kitchen kept the Salon open using the Huetiful name until January. In January, he told the Stylist he was taking the name back and opening a small suite in Hyde Park thus leaving 12 Stylist (All single mothers) potentially unemployed. The owner of Curl Kitchen who'd been running the Salon for the last six months kept it open.

This is where all the remaining Stylists are located still at 3428 S. King Drive. They're now operating under the name Curl Kitchen Salon. Ladies, we have to rally around these women and support them. We can't let a "Black man" tear our strong Black Women down for his own selfish and egotistical gain. Please support Curl Kitchen Salon only!