Hudson Legal Services Called my mobile phone, stated that they had filed suit against my husband


Had call on my mobile phone while I was at work from “No caller ID”. Man on phone stated that he was calling from “Hudson Legal” and was trying to serve a summons on my husband. I managed to get a callback number, 833-900-1341, an alleged case number, and the information that the suit had been filed in our home county. 

FYI my last job was with a bankruptcy law firm.

I immediately searched for the case on the county court website, and could find nothing filed against my husband except an old traffic case (now closed). The case number is not valid. I tried calling the 833 number from the landline at work and got a fax tone. 

I then called the 833 number from my mobile. Man (not the same one) answered with “Law office.” I attempted to get a good case number and the name of the plaintiff from this man, and got only comments that my husband should “man up” and call himself, instead of “letting his mommy do it.” 

Called my husband, told him what had happened, told him not to accept any summons.