Hubcap Haven Wasted Time, Refused to return calls, & insisted I waste more time Buffalo MN


I contacted Hubcap Haven to replace a hyper-grey rim for my car via a phone call. The gentlemen was nice enough to answer all of my questions; rim was in stock, they guarantee quality & satisfaction, & were prompt in all correspondence, so I placed my order on September 24th afternoon.

Shipping was quick (2 days) & well packaged. I took the rim to my shop, & they pointed out 2 issues with the rim; the color didn't match at all (their replacement was too light in color) & the rim was bent 2 times over the industry max tolerance level.

The bent issue would void any tire warranty (it’d cause uneven wear), cause vibrations while driving, & alignment issues. I immediately called Hubcap Haven to see how we could resolve the issue. Happily, they apologized, said they would replace it, sent an RMA label, & asked that I send a photo of the rim so their warehouse could match the color. I took off from work on September 30th to take the rim to their chosen shipping facility, & their replacement was delivered on October 2nd.

This replacement rim was now 4x lighter than the last (not a hyper-grey color at all). I took it to my shop again, on October 2nd, where they confirmed it wasn’t a hyper-grey color, & that it was still outside of spec because of the poor welding. I immediately tried calling them again, but was automatically sent to voicemail.

I continually tried calling with no success (to date). I was forced to send multiple emails asking for a call. I finally got an email response on October 7th afternoon, where they only asked that I send another picture showing the color difference; no apology, no returned call to discuss. I had to take off work, again, to go to the shop that had my rim for another picture showing the color difference.

October 9th, they sent me an email saying they weren’t able to help me anymore, & they’d be sending a return label; no returned phone call. Now, they’re refusing to schedule a pickup, I have to take time off of work again & take their mistake back to another shipping location in order to get my refund.

I don’t have a problem that they won’t issue a refund until they receive the returned item, but my problem is the fact they refused to return my call & they expect me to take off even more time to transport their mistake to their shipping facility.