Hira Digpal Singh Pathological Liar/Businessman,


I originally met Hira through another business associate. At first, he presented a sad story about his life and I felt pity for him. He depicted a story that his mother was sick and he’s been screwed in business over and over. He makes himself seem like a loyal guy, has tons of connections, and a victim.

Although he just recently met a mutual business associate, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. He said he had major contacts throughout Asia and that he was a former banker for Barclays Asia unit. Hira requested that I pay for his travel expenses to Asia, this included Hong Kong, Shanghai, Manila Philippines, and Bangkok Thailand so he could help me with my company.

In addition, he said he’d be missing out on other business opportunities and wanted compensation for that as well later on as his story kept changing. He proceeded to come up with fictitious stories of billionaires who were interested in my business deal, went as far as giving me their names, locations where he was meeting them and being very detailed on the meetings showing me pictures and having intimate knowledge of their current business dealings.

After me being naive and flying him across Asia, he of course did not produce anything but lies. A number of times Hira congratulated me by saying that a billionaire family or a consortium of big Asia investors wanted to get involved and that he is finalizing the paperwork! He continued pretending to know people he did not and eventually vanished all together.

To sum it up, Hira is a complete fraud. He is a pathological liar and scum lowlife. If you ever come across his name Hira Singh, Hira Digpal Singh, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! STAY FAR AWAY AND DO NOT LISTEN TO HIS LIES!