Goedeker’s Goedeker’s Home and Kitchen Appliances I’m STILL WAITING for my Whirlpool Double Wall Oven after 9½ MONTHS !!! St. Charles MO


I ordered a Whirlpool Double Wall Oven 9½ months ago on Nov 8, 2020 and have NOT received it yet!!! Goedeker’s has changed the shipping date over 10 times !! When you call Goedeker’s, you have 2 choices – sales or customer service. You can get through to sales quickly & they will take your money quickly but if you want updated information about your order, you must speak to customer service and I have personally been placed on hold for 2 hours once and 1½ hours another time !!

Their excuse for the 9½ month delay and for holding onto my money as an interest free loan for nearly a year – they BLAME Whirlpool !! They take NO RESPONSIBILITY for OVERSELLING items that they do NOT have in Stock!

Right now the same Whirpool Double Wall Oven (Model # WOD51EC7HS) would cost me $2,340. When I ordered the oven on November 8, 2020, I paid Goedeker’s $1,794 so if they want to refund my money, I would ONLY accept the current value of the oven ($2,340 on the date of this Report) so I could buy the same oven elsewhere.

Avoid Goedeker’s like the Plague !!!