GoDaddy Did not issue my refund Scottsdale AZ


Worst customer service I’ve ever seen.  GoDaddy agreed to issue me a refund.  I asked them to not refund it to my old credit card that I had since cancelled, but of course they did.  The rep said not to worry, given that credit card company would figure it out and eventually issue me the check.  That never happened. 

I called GoDaddy several times trying to resolve this and get my money back. I was passed around to about 10 different people and spend at least a dozen hours on the phone total.  In the end that said it was my problem and I had to try to get my money back from Discover.  I spent about 4 hours on hold with Discover and never got through to them.  GoDaddy just repeatedly defaults to “that’s our policy” and they genuinely do not care at all about their customers.  I strongly recommend that you do not use this company.  Its funny how they always boast about their great customer service where in reality it’s the worst I’ve ever seen.