Glenmuir of Naperville The Connor Group Unwillingness to show compassion regarding move out date with corona virus Naperville illinoid


I have to agree with the previous  persons  complaint with regards to their concerns  and compassion with their tenants. They will always start their  meetings with so how much do you feel comfortable paying ? Then comes all the added charges. I can tell you that when I moved in there were several repairs  that  to get done . I made it a point to take pictures  prior to sending over my request  for service. The bathroom shower  head was not chauked, the patio light was hanging.

The door lock was  hard to open . The oven tempeture  never works . and They never repainted the unit – instead they patched it up where it needed it. During my first month here I sent a request over to the management personelle michelle and asked if I could possibly upgrade to a three bedroom unit. She stated  sure however there is a 500.00 charge to repaint your unit  prior to us being able to move you then a additional charge to run my daughters  credit app. What ????  I just moved in the unit and  why would I have to pay 500.00 for you to repain when you never repainted my unit to begin with? 

Money hoggers just looking to make out like a bandit. How ridiculious is that? The tenants above complained about water leaks  that leaked in my unit. My bedroom walls are now showing signs  of the leak as there is water leak cracks,  Furnace and air conditioning were also repaired during the 12 month lease. The maintance  guys  are not  back ground checked like they should be because  our last guy was picked up by the police.

When they come into do reapirs when your not home they fail to lock your doors. Mine were left unlocked on 2- occassions. Corono-virus  lack of compassion. Heres one for you . I gave my notice to not renew  in jan – bigining of Feb  . Stay at home orders  came out in march . I walked into the office and discussed my concerns with Michelle who refused to offer a month to month or shot term lease until this was all over and she flat out refused. Im sorry she says we only do 12 month leases  your option is to renew or let me know what your intentions are so I can have your 10 day evivtion notice ready when the courts open up.

I am a single mother of a 15 year old son who stressed my concerns to her. I told her I keep reaching out because this is the right thing to do. I asked her to reach out to her corporate office to see if they could show a ounce of compassion based on the current Pandemic and stilltoday  she stands firm on her answer. I evne emailed The Connor  groups corporate office and got no response.  they will get you in the door with a low start rate then at the end of the year increase it by 100.00 – 200.00 a month . as the renewal season hit  I noticed the increase from my neighbors  were all different  . They wanted to increase my rent $100.00  and two of my other neighbors  were increased by $200.00 I guess I lucked out being a single mom. If I had a boyfriend or husband's added income Im sure my rent would have increased by $200.00 as well. 

Heres  how far their lack of compassion goes and money comes first. Let me also mention that because they got a big corporate account for may move ins that they were in need of at least 8-10 2 bedroom units  for just a 6 month move in but wont offer  short term options during the corona virus even though I am a paid tenant-

Nothing here is consistent and yes they are only thinking about the number game here. Today I sent Michelle another email – again reaching out to see what options she will have for me prior to the end of my lease.   

Im sure her reaponse will be that they have no options at all other than resigning a new yearly lease – Do you think for one minute Im going to sign.

Still unsure what will happen at the present moment .