Genuine Chem Sales Buyer Beware!!! Product/shipping hostage scam!!! Wright texas



If you order off their site, the prices for the product you choose change after checkout.

If you email them several times the quotes change dramatically as well. Once you pay, your "order" gets sent to "shipping" where they proceed to tell you you need to pay a $1250 shipping insurance fee for custom, your package is put "on hold" until you pay the $1250 customs insurance.

Even though the "tracking#" shows the order shipping from the US to the US. Once you let them know you will not be paying it, and want a refund they proceed to badger and harass you, I was told they have no Problem refunding my money then changed their mind and said they'd sent a portion of it back. Then that changed to no refund at all.

So, BUYER BEWARE, do NOT order from this company unless you don't have any qualms about losing your money.