Frigidiare Sub Standard Product/Bad Customer Service Augusta Georgia



As a recent owner of the Frigidaire 30" Front Control Electric Range with Air Fry. Being a Professional Culinary Chef and doing much research we decided to purchase this range for our cottage, having MSP of 2100.00 and a 5-star rating on Lowes, it seemed like a great idea.

We are disappointed in our purchase. I would NOT recommend this range and would give it less than 1 star if possible. It takes 12 minutes to reach 375 degrees and is extremely noisy on convection. Baked items do not cook evenly.

When cleaning the range top it creaks and sounds like the glass top is breaking. We feel like it’s only matter of time before it cracks. Also, the back was dented. Another reason for making this purchase was the air fryer setting.

Looking at the video on the Lowes website the range is shown using the air fryer setting (this was a major selling point) with a special large tray for this purpose. But what Frigidaire doesn’t tell you is that, you will not receive that pan, nor the usual boiler pan that other manufacturers provide. Upon reading the manual is when you find that you must purchase the pan separately. In fact you can’t even purchase this pan anywhere else but from Frigidaire for $50.00.

Frigidaire shows the special pan in their demonstration and their countless television ads, but alas, not even a discount coupon for future purchase of the pan. Wake up Frigidaire, this was a major selling point for your average range product. Just another major disappointment with the range and Frigidaire.

One cannot fathom how they can charge 1799.00 and not even include the equipment for the major selling point on said range.

When I contact Frigidaire, I was met by condescending customer service person, I asked to be upgraded to a manager and was offered a $25.00 gift card for our trouble but no solution for the issues with the product.

Frigidaire proves that corporate greed is what drives them with a side of a mediocre product at $2100.00. Your greed for a pan than your company can get for far less than $50.00 will cost you loyal customers that will never purchase a Frigidaire product again.