First Credit Of America – Network Telephone Services ripoff Chicago Illinois


I have been receiving harrassing phone calls from First Credit of America claiming that my husband's name has been turned over to them to collect a debt from occured from Network Telephone Services over 4 years ago. First Credit cannot provide me with any details concerning the debt. I was then contacted by Network Telephone Services and the information that they provided me with as far as dates of service and billing credit card where not possible.

I cannot verify that the city and state associated with these two companies is correct. Neither of them would provide me with a physical address or a working phone number to contact a company representative!! I just looked up the company names and phone numbers on the internet and came up with Chicago.

I contacted the Attorney General of the State of New Hampshire and they said for it to me a legitimate collection I should have to be notified in writing 5 days prior to the calls. The Attorney General's office also stated that the debit being over 4 years old is another sign that the collection agency is fraudulent.

I haven't found out anything that can be done about the harrassing and rude phone calls by the collection agency. But please do not give these individuals any credit card information!

Portsmouth, New Hampshire