Fake Painter Thief Dereon Rawl Dereon Rawl Thief and pervert Illinois


This guy Dereon was hired/ recommended thru my father's friend to paint our entire house and we decided to give him a try because he was young and african american. 

Worst decision EVER he paints very sloppy and did not use the type of paint we paid for Even tho he gave us one price and was only suppose to be in our house for 1 week it ended up being 3 weeks and a very sloppy job he always found a reason to go from $3500 to $5000. 

We decided to continue with him to finish the job in dong so we found he ate our food while we were gone and my wife's jewlry and 1 credit card came up missing. We approached him and he denied everything and we have caught him red handed.  Please do not use this guy nor recomment NO ONE!!! worse decision EVER