Express Scripts We’ll Fill It When We Feel Like It


First and last experience with Express Scripts – in 50 years I've never seen a less competent organization.. Their motto should be "Express Scripts: We'll Fill Your Prescription When We Feel Like It". Waiting on vacation override of a medication that could result in seizures if I run out.

Twice I was promised an expedited order (they've been trying since the 6th). Today I was told my script is "still in process" and maybe I'll get it Thursday. The rep was insincere and could have cared less. The upshot is I won't have my medication until who knows when and I'll likely be out by then.

They're not only poor at what they do, they're dangerous in their inability to respond. HQ hides somewhere — can't complain to them. Perhaps they hide because of the abysmally bad team under them. – Dr. Smith