Eric Lee Baldwin Eric Baldwin They scammed me for $5k to build a website. I have the signed contract for $2500 and then he started to play games sending bills that were never approved of. Los Alamitos Ca


Early in July 2019 i started exploring  the idea of having my website updated and upgraded. I went on the site “bark” and listed my needs. 

I received a few calls and was doing my due diligence when I got and email or call from Eric Baldwin. 

After reading the earlier ripoff report dated December 2018 I sent an email and told him I could not work with him. For some unknown reason I let this developer talk me into hiring him. 

I paid the 1st payment of to Cash App (apparently this man does not have bank accounts or PayPal Venmo or $$ exchanging abilities. 

After a couple of weeks telling me how wonderful everything was working that he needed  another more $$ to add SEO and CRM ( I have copies of everything) and $$$ for migration of my old site. If not necessary (and it wasn't  it would go to future work.) more lies. 

My current site was going to be offline on Tues September 2 at midnight and Eric took complete advantage of me knowing without a site I was out of business. He threatened me if I did not pay him a holiday bonus he would not launch my site  $500!

Thank God I FINALLY caught on to his lies and contacted my new hosting company on Sunday September 1 and had all his privileges removed from all my accounts having to do with this project. 

I was able to talk to my former hosting com and begged them to keep my site online and that I was being used and defrauded by a conman. 

Turns out I found that the website was a clone of another site he worked on or someone worked on. And it was not even what I was looking for. I have been in business for 20 yrs with no web development experience but I built my first couple of websites with website builders. Cheap and they looked cheap but honestly they looked better and had better content than the site Eric was presenting to me. 

Be warned I would not advise You do business with this man. I promise to make all my notes available to anyone that needs them to make a case against him. I’m thinking we might be able to get a class action suit. 

At this time he is threatening to sue me and take my house away from me. 

Im 70 years old and his threats are starting to frighten me. I consider this elder abuse.